Old Testament Angels doing weird things

According to this logic, there is a Sasquatch and there are ghosts.

Not necessarily so. If stories witness to similar happenings and the people attesting have no association with each other, I feel it reasonable to believe there is some truth in what they say.

Then in THAT case, you should believe in Sasquatch and ghosts! :wink:

Pagan gods would fall under that category as well.

My argument is based along the lines of Biblical archeological investigation (e.g. The Flood recorded in Genesis can be corroborated by The Epic of Gilgamesh. Therefore there is possibility a great flood took place).

One way this could be reconciled is for the fallen angels (aka demons) to “possess” a human male and procreate through his body. The objective may have been as much to thwart God’s plan of redemption by corrupting mankind as much as it was just plain lust. More remarkable than the physical attributes of the offspring (the Nephilim) were their “heroic” natures. Due to their parentage it is probable that their natures were quite evil also. This situation may have led directly to the flood, which we are told was brought about because, “The LORD saw how great man’s wickedness on the earth had become, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time.” Gen 6:5.

Is the footnote to this thread, “Follow your dreams…except for the one where you’re naked in Church” an attempt at humour or a deliberate slight of hand?

You’ve lost me on that one. It’s an attempt at humor… and hopefully a successful attempt.

But what would make you think that it is a deliberate slight of hand? I have no clue what you are getting at.

In a manner of demonic possesion during conception, I don’t think the “demonic gene” would pass through the offspring. I know this is mere speculation, but human genetics is a rather exact science.

If you really think that angels could fornicate with human women…then you’re problem of sounding moronic is much deeper than you can imagine.

Theologically, you are in grave error, as the Church does not and has not ever taught that.
What it does teach is deception on the part of demons who can create a circumstance to
make us think what you have stated above, but it is just that - deception…just like the space beings who today have created the deception of kidnapping human beings and experimenting on them sexually, even to the point of intercourse. It’s the old Serpent in new skin, as far as I am concerned.

It’s an attempt at humour…and not a successful one.

Now that’s funny! God Bless!

Sex with demons - on the spiritual dimension not entirely out of limits. There are reports from exorcisms of this happening (and reports from Scripture).

What is the ancient Christian understanding of today’s U.F.O.s ?
Orthodoxy and the Religion of the future, Fr. Seraphim Rose
St Herman of Alaska Brotherhood. ISBN 1-887904-00-X

Good article to read:


Sex with demons? Or sex with someone possessed by a demon?

Both are possible. The latter on the physical, the former on the spiritual.
There are cases of people projecting a spiritual being or energy onto another individual to interfere with them. A sort of bilocation of malevolence.

But the spiritual sex with a demon does not transfer any demonic genes.

I don’t think so. It’s a veiled attack on Christianity.

Article by: Dale Keiger. Senior writer @ Johns Hopkins Magazine.

Also by Dale Keiger:
“Camus’ *The Stranger * - this was…the book that had freed me from Christianity - turned me inside out with the idea that I didn’t need an institution to live as a highly ethical being…
And I suppose it goes without saying that I abhor all those who wrap themselves in that man-made loftiness to claim moral superiority…Thank goodness Christian things have no voice in France.
Of couse the idea of a God so narrow-minded that he’d allow only those who believe in him - no matter how good and compassionate - to dwell in the clouds after death, or one who reviles any creature that he, by definition, created, is so silly that even Hollywood wouldn’t produce it (well, okay, Mel Gibson not withstanding)
In this same vein of dangerous unfounded veneration, I’m still gobsmacked when I hear people in the U.S. being reproved for disrespecting (the office) of the President, the Pope touted for his infallibility…”

Through our free will it transfers something even more precious (our soul is being handed over) and impregnates in us something demonic. The two natures are becoming one.

I don’t buy it.

Yes, something happens in our souls, but it doesn’t affect our genetic makeup, something which is necessary for us to pass this on to our children.

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