Old Testament Confession?

So I was studying my Baltimore Catechism (High School version, don’t know if that’s like the real version), and it was the Confession chapter. After each question, the author puts a couple of quotes from Scripture explaining or proving a certain doctorine or whatever. So after the answer that went something like, “God forgives our sins if we are truly contrite, etc. etc.”, there was a quote from Psalms that went like, I have sinned against the Lord, but now I am contrite, and He has forgiven my sins". So how does this work? Did the Levites perform some kind of pre-Christ confession, or did you just ask for pardon from God and received it? Confused, any help is very appreciated.

Leviticus 5 tells us of this:

1 ****** "If any person refuses to give the information which, as a witness of something he has seen or learned, he has been adjured to give, and thus commits a sin and has guilt to bear;*** 2 ****** or if someone, without being aware of it, touches any unclean thing, as the carcass of an unclean wild animal, or that of an unclean domestic animal, or that of an unclean swarming creature, and thus becomes unclean and guilty;****** 3 ****** or if someone, without being aware of it, touches some human uncleanness, whatever kind of uncleanness this may be, and then recognizes his guilt;****** 4 ****** or if someone, without being aware of it, rashly utters an oath to do good or evil, such as men are accustomed to utter rashly, and then recognizes that he is guilty of such an oath;****** 5 *** then whoever is guilty in any of these cases shall confess the sin he has incurred,*** 6 ****** and as his sin offering for the sin he has committed he shall bring to the LORD a female animal from the flock, a ewe lamb or a she-goat. The priest shall then make atonement for his sin.***

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