Old Testament God

I have three atheist friends/colleagues that I evangelize. I need good resource(s) to counter their arguments regarding the “god of the old testament” whom they claim is (or promotes) a:
Bully, ethnic cleanser, xenophobic, petty, unjust, vindictive, misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticide, genocidal, etc, etc. It’s the usual ‘New Atheist’ junk.

Even though we know it is not true, it is hard to refute when they quote certain facts/stories from the OT. I bought ‘Is God a Moral Monster’ by Copan and it’s pretty good. If anyone has other resources on the matter please send to me.
Thanks, Matt

Hard Sayings of the Old Testament
By Jimmy Akin

Excellent! Any more …?

If there is no objective basis for morality, ie God, then who is an atheist to say that the actions of even the so-called Old Testament God are not moral? They dont believe in an objective source or right and wrong. So they have no basis for judging objective morality!

You simply tell them they have “no standing”!


This is one of the best.

Thank you!

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