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Not sure if this is the correct forum for this, but why are there no old testament saints? I was just wondering–we never refer to “St. Abraham” or “St. Moses”. It seems that at least some of these old testament men of God are in Heaven, as Jesus spoke with Moses during the Transfiguration, so why are they not listed as saints?

Eastern Catholics refer to the Old Testament saints as St Abraham, St David, etc. :slight_smile:

The patriarchs and prophets of the Old Testament are listed in the Roman Martyrology as saints as well. It is simply a matter of custom that they aren’t regularly referred to as “saint so and so” in the Latin Church (or maybe that’s just in the English language?). The feast of St. Elijah is a solemnity for the Carmelites.

Do Old Testament Saints include the Archangle Saint Michael? In the Western Church, if an angle is mentioned, by name, in the Old Testament they are called ‘Saint’.:):knight1:

There are three Archangels given by name in the canonical Books: St Michael, St Gabriel, and St Raphael (who is found in Tobias/Tobit). All of the angels of God are holy and are properly called saints.

Here is an interesting article on the seven archangels: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_Archangels

Hmmmm. I wonder why they are not customarily referred to as saints in the western Church? Anyone know? Just seems weird to me that they would not be.

I would really welcome a reply from someone on here. Maybe this question warrants asking an apologist?

The Greek: agios = Latin: sanctus = English: holy = English: saint.

Holy and saint both have the same meaning. All of the righteous in heaven are holy/saints. The Holy Prophet Moses can be called: Saint Prophet Moses.

But that’s not exactly what I am asking. Why are they not REFERRED to as “Saint so and so” in the western Church?

Many Good people in the old testament are recognized as such by the Western church though unfortunately in many classes that seek to expound on scripture such a tradition is either forgotten or neglected.

God bless

Tradition with a little “t”. It could because they died pre-Christ and the West usually give the title, saint, to the baptized dead. I honestly don’t know the reasons but, I thought I’d the above might be a reason. :slight_smile:

I’ve wondered about this as well. The Old Testament Prophets and holy men and holy women are saints- as in they are part of the elect. I don’t know why we don’t refer to them as “Saint” though. I suspect its just a practise that was randomly adopted, with no real concrete reason.

God Bless

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