Old Testamente female saints' names

We’re currently chosing names for our daughter, who will be born sometime around Easter next year. We have decided that she will have an OT and NT name. I’m a bit at loss in finding a list of OT female saints’ names. Can anyone help us out, please? Thanks in advance!

Sarah, Rachel, Leah, Hannah, Esther, Rebekah, Naomi, Ruth…

The more well known we’re familiar with. But aren’t women like Aaron’s wife, for example, considered saints? I know that she, at least to the Jews, is seen as a saintly woman.

I vote for Hannah but any saint name will be bee-autiful!:slight_smile:

Aaron’s wife was named Elizabeth, so it’s both an OT and NT name. :slight_smile:

Moses’ wife Zipporah (or Sephora, in the Latin transliteration) is also considered to be a saint.

Abigail’s a saint, too.

Generally, any good woman in the OT is considered a saint, and some of the bad ones who were repentant also get a look-in. They’re in the old saint lists, usually under the Latin transliteration of their names (just like the male OT saints). Some of the OT women without names in the Bible have traditional names that appear in the saint lists, particularly in the Eastern ones.

Also, they are sometimes called “Matriarchs,” just as the non-prophet OT male saints are often called “Patriarchs.”

I have always loved the name Ruth. We did something similar with our children. (Biblical first name and Saint middle name.)

The problem is that some of the less well known names are not that attractive. And also the exact definition of who is and isn’t a saint is problematic since they haven’t gone through a canonisation process, and just being excluded from the Traditional calendar is no real sign that they aren’t considered saints so if I were you I’d just go for women you like from the OT without worrying whether they are technically recognised as saints or not.

I like both Jemima and Kezia, Job’s daughters, as names (Keren-happuch not so much), although they’re not recorded as having done anything particularly note worthy as role models.

Abigail, Deborah, Jael (I personally would ‘anglicise’ this as Jaelle), Michal (still quite a popular name with Orthodox Jews), Rahab (a brilliant name, much underrated).

You may be interested in this series of articles from the Dominican brothers in England.

How about Naomi? we named our daughter that. she is one of my favorite OT women
It means sweet!

I just read the Book of Ruth last night, and she stands out. Ruth was very special. She was a Moabite woman and decided to stay loyal to God. Eventhough she was widowed and a childless outsider, she voluntarily embraces Naomi’s (her mother in-law) people, land, culture, and God. She converted and Ruth and Boaz marry and eventually she becomes an ancestress of King David.

and Judith (she was quite a woman!)

I love OT female names…
Susannah is one of my favorites… definitely on the short list for future baby girls! :smiley:

Michal is also the Polish version of Michael :D.

Absolutely! :thumbsup:

I like the names suggested so far, especially Sarah and Ruth, which are old favourites of mine. :slight_smile:

Hannah / Anne is also a classic, as is Rebekah / Rebecca.

If you want something a little fancier, there’s Hephzibah and Beulah (who are not OT saints, but names used to describe God’s relationship with the new Israel in Isaiah 62.) :slight_smile:

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