Old Tyme Rock And Roll

I am a member of the Rock and Roll generation of the 60s and 70s
Some of my all-time favorites (not necessarily in the following order):
Stairway To Heaven - Led Zepplin

Satisfaction - Rolling Stones

Layla - Derek and the Dominoes

Light My Fire - The Doors

25 or 6 to 4 - Chicago

REO speedwagon
Billy Joel
The Eagles
Some of the oldies
Some country but not the rock sounding new stuff
Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts,Alabama, Ronnie Milsap,Tim Mcgraw, Patsy Kline
many others I can’t think of right now.
Stopped listening to some really famous people because of their terrible outspoken political views.

I love Billy Joel and Eagles.
Piano Man
The Longest Time
Lyin’ Eyes
Hotel California

Now I can’t take “Hotel California” gotta turn the channel when it comes on. Saw the Eagles in concert for their “H**l Freezes over tour”.

Piano Man, I truly enjoy singing along.

Some artists and groups have only one really good memorable song that I truly enjoy.

Recently I saw a TV commercial for a cruise line
The music played from White Rabbit, Grace Slick
I wonder if anyone remembers that was like an anthem for psychedelic trips, not cruises :sunglasses:

I have very wide taste in music. But any of that modern stuff today just sounds like noise. Can’t even deal with it.

There are so many good songs from the past. It’s like walking down Memory Lane when I hear them

:musical_note: Just get those old records off the shelf…:musical_note:

Sorry, the title got this into my head so I figured you want it in your head, too! :crazy_face:

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The rap stuff has some good music, but too much profanity, violence and other bad stuff.

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Love that sax solo in the song

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John Bonham’s unique bass drum triplets (at the time) playing “Good Times Bad Times” from Led Zeppelin’s first album has influenced countless drummers ever since.

Edit: Don’t want to derail this thread, but this is worth adding to the argument of Bonham’s innovative playing style back in the day…

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