Old vestments? Sacred vessels?

As sacristan I don’t know what to do with the many extra items (sacred vessels and vestments) that have accumulated over the years. Is there a central area that will take them to distribute to needy parishes or missions? Your suggestions will be appreciated. God bless

If you know of any small or poor parishes near you, you could offer them the items. You might also consider giving them to a seminary.

If not, contact the vicar forane for your deanery or the chancery.

When I worked for my parish I was tasked with getting rid of some old Vestments which the current pastor did not like.

I eventually sent then to the diocesan Missions office and let them figure out what to do. (I have no idea what the Mission’s office did.)

If you are looking to gift a Latin Mass group, we are in need of a Roman violet set. If you have such a set please PM me and I’ll pay for the shipping.

If you Google <> (make sure you use regular quote marks), you can find many sites dealing with this ministry.

What does your pastor say? He may have an organization he supports who could use these items. Also, I’m sure you’ve checked with him about which he wants to get rid of. I know that my parish keeps “extra” vestments for times when we have visiting clergy who would not have brought all their own with them.

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