Old vs. New: V

Well, it’s official: V has been renewed for at least another season. And I for one, am happy. I actually think this version is better than the original. Here’s what I like about the new one:

  1. Less campy.
  2. Anna isn’t as campy as Diana from the original and seems more manipulative. The addition of “bliss” (mind control) makes things more interesting.
  3. I like the fact that Anna has a media liaison. This is an excellent way to explore how easy it is to use the media to influence public opinion. I also like the fact that Chad slowly began to realize the V’s weren’t as honest and pure as he thought.

I really like the show so I’m curious where you found out that it’s been renewed. So far, I haven’t seen anything stating for sure that season 3 is coming.

**Liked the original “V” from the 1980’s, but LOVE the new version !

I think what I like best this time around is how so much of it (except for the aliens), is happening right now (sometimes I find myself sitting there smirking), and the media manipulation is spot on.

Very happy “V” will be back!!** :thumbsup:

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