Old worn scapulars

I am cleaning out my parent’s home and among their many religious items I found a tin filled with old scapulars that I don’t know how to dispose of. Do they have to be burned or buried? Can I bury them in a small box in their yard? Or should i send them to a Catholic organization (sometimes I send items to Fr. Groeschel) to dispose of them for me? Thanks, maryann

Once a year I gather our old scapulars and old palms from Palm Sunday and just burn them in an old coffee can or even after a BBQ when the coals are still hot just place them in the center and scoop some hot coals on top and let them be, they will burn to ash.


I think they have to be burned.


Blessed objects, including scapulars, have to be disposed of in a dignified and respectful manner. Burning or burying them is usually the way to dispose of them. If you have statues in good state, rosaries and prayer books, you may want to donate them to a Catholic Organization. I suggest that you do not do the same for scapulars. Remembering that scapulars have been in contact with someone else’s skin, there might be an issue of hygiene or infection control.

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