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I am (slowly) approaching retirement age. Would like to consider living near a Catholic community where seniors in their 60’s do volunteer work for worthy causes, or work part-time for a Catholic organization involved in some charitable activity or foundation.

Just brainstorming a bit here. I would appreciate any suggestions / direction from folks who are doing something like this might have to offer. Thanks, and Peace to all.


St Vincent de Paul Society. You could ring your diocesan offices - they may have some hints for you.

I am in my late sixties (68 almost) and work for a Charity part time on a voluntary basis that is not specifically Catholic but a very worthwhile and needy cause involving children. I am in Australia and we are always in need of volunteers in most all areas I don’t know the situation in other countries, but suspect it is the same.


My parish is very active, and I get more opportunities than I can do. My advice is to choose an active parish, attend functions, and make yourself available. It make take a bit of patience.


Ignatius Volunteers is very active in my diocese. You can use your life skills to help others; they especially do good work with young people.


How about studying to become a hospital chaplain. One of my retired friends did this

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