Older Catholic women

I’m a 40 year old man looking for a nice Catholic woman around my age. My priest assures me that my annulment petition will go through; so I’m looking at being on the market soon. I was wondering: Are there single Catholic women my age, and most seem to be married at my parish; looking for a man?

I suggest – waiting for the annulment to come through – before looking to date.


I’m not looking to date before the annulment; just thinking ahead. Sorry to confuse. As for now: I’m looking to establish friendships that could develop later on into a romance. If that makes any sense.

Surely it depends on your parish, I mean in my experience most people seem to be married but I cant speak for all parishes.

Thanks. I did meet a woman today after Mass that didn’t have a wedding ring on, I do check and respect it if she does; and she wants to see me again next Sunday.

It’s a pity there’s no sort ring to show someone is anulled :slight_smile:
Well, that’s what I thought when years ago I was in that state and also had four children in tow…People would have assumed I was married or divorced.I did wear my wedding ring until the anulment came about though.

Makes sense, Greenfields. I do try to bear in mind that I’m still technically married until the annulment goes through. But, I’m hopeful that it does soon and I can hopefully marry a nice Catholic woman.

Actually if you’re getting an annulment then it technically means you were never married properly.
Until that comes through you should treat it like a proper marriage though.


I do, Kei. Half the reason I submitted my petition is to be spiritually free of my ex wife. Get rid of that old tie.

First of all, until you are free to marry you are not free to pursue romance.

Second, no woman around your age is going to find a reference to her as “older” to be anything but a turn off. “Older” refers to people over 70.


The harder you try the least likely it will happen. Pray about it and just be the very best Catholic gentleman you can be. If God has a woman in mind for you He will bring Her in to your life at the right time. Don’t appear too desperate. That is a definite “no” in a lot of Women’s minds.

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Yeah, I thought from the title you were 22 and dating a 40-year-old. “Older Woman” usually means some situation like that in USA.

Thanks, Cajun. I’ll try. As for Tis and LittleLady; thank you as well, ladies. I’ve had problems before in my relationships with women; so y’all’s advice helps.

Not knowing you and NOT judging maybe that’s what you need to do with this time of being single once your annulment comes through. Instead of actively seeking the next woman take this time to be 100% completely honest with yourself and look at yourself as an outsider. What would you see, hear and know by being around you. Ask a trusted honest friend to maybe help you on that front. Don’t be ashamed of any faults that need work because that’s what we are supposed to do in our life. We are always supposed to be a better person tomorrow than we are today especially a better Catholic than we are today. All of us are a work in progress. But we have to let yesterday go and work on making tomorrow a better day and ourselves a better person in that day.


I’m sure there are plenty of nice old ladies that would love to have you as a husband.


He’ll probably be looking at somebody 35 to 45 years old…hardly menopausal yet :smiley:
I got married the one and only time at age 34 and my mom was 35 when she married my dad.


Yes, probably a lot of widows in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. THATS’s older.


I agree - I am 39 - help that makes me an “older woman” !!

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