Older female vocations in the UK


Does anyone know of religious orders who would consider me - aged 51?


Are you looking for a contemplative order or an active order? Either way, here are some options:

Benedictines, Herefordshire
Stanbrook Abbey
Colwich Abbey
Carmelites, Wolverhampton
Carmelites, Kirk Edge
Visitation Monastery
Poor Clare Colettines

Grace and Compassion Benedictines
Franciscan Sisters Minoress
Dominican Sisters of St Joseph
Franciscan Missionary Sisters
Sisters of the Gospel of Life
Mater Ecclesiae
Daughters of Divine Charity





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Does anyone know of religious orders who would consider me - aged 51?


Hi there Togberners,

I am from Glasgow in the UK. Our city is blessed with the presence of the Sisters of the Gospel of Life.

This is their website:


These Sisters are very noteworthy and special, as they were founded very recently, in the year 2000. These Sisters are the first female religious community to be founded in Scotland for over 150 years.

This community was founded in direct response to an appeal by the late Cardinal Thomas Winning for help in an initiative to help women with crisis pregnancies, or who are suffering in the aftermath of an abortion. So, the Sisters work is mostly connected with the pro-life cause. However, I know they do much other useful work, for charities and for children (clubs, etc). It is well known that Cardinal Winning had a very great esteem and respect for the women who founded this community.

Being a new community, they are still very small, but they are very highly thought of and valued, in the Glasgow area. I am a Knight of St Columba and our guys think the Sisters are the bees knees and often try to support their work in various ways. I helped out as a steward at the CARITAS awards for schools, and noted that the Sisters were guests at the event and so I expect they are connected with work in Schools also.

The reason I am blabbing on about them so much is because they do accept late vocations. This is explicitly stated in an answer to a question on their website; see the comments section at the bottom of this page (their "formation" page):


Check them out - you wont regret it!

Hope this helps
Best regards,


[quote="Togberners, post:1, topic:323651"]
Does anyone know of religious orders who would consider me - aged 51?


FRANCISCAN MISSIONARY SISTERS OF LITTLEHAMPTON..............AND THEY SPONSER OVERSEAS CANDIATES..........:email Sr Anastasia ....she is the vocations directoress

many blessing


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