Older marriage - is it ok


This has got me curious,
If 2 older people are both single/widowed but past the age of childbirth is it wrong for them to marry?
They really want companionship, someone to “be there”.
I am also reminded of Abraham and Sarah in that scenario but…
What if the male had Ed and no sex was expected to happen but they care about each other and want to be together?
Would they be free to marry or are they doomed to a life of lonelyness?


Yes,it is okay. There is a place in the ceremony where the couple is asked if they will welcome children. This question is omitted if the couple is not able to have children such as because of their age.


:They are allowed to be married, if they are ‘open to life’. :extrahappy::newidea:


Taken from the Catechism

“1654 Spouses to whom God has not granted children can nevertheless have a conjugal life full of meaning, in both human and Christian terms. Their marriage can radiate a fruitfulness of charity, of hospitality, and of sacrifice.”



Erectile dysfunction



Erectile dysfunction is not, per se, a perpetual and incurable impotence.

If impotence is before the marriage, perpetual and incurable, the marriage can not take place.

But, Erectile dysfunction is not, per se, a perpetual and incurable impotence, it is different. If the complete martial act is possible, even sometimes or seldom, the marriage can be celebrated.


Goodness, I sure hope it’s ok. My 96 year old grandma just married a sweet, loving 96 year old man. :smiley:


Are you serious??? How cool is that!!!


may God bless them with a LONG, loving life together!



Wow! Congratulations to them both!


Yes, congratulations!! That is so wonderful :smiley:
Thanks for answering me.


But why would it be omitted?
Shouldn’t they still be “open to life” no matter what age?
And isn’t it, um, God…who decides if a woman gets pregnant…no matter what the age? Be it 14 and a virgin, or 70 and newly married for the first time?


Thank you! And I am serious, they are SO cute together. My grandfather (grandma’s absolute true love in life) passed away 12 years ago. The man she recently married has been a close family friend since they were all 18 years old. He is a widower, she is a widow, he wanted to help take care of her and she refused to live with a man she wasn’t married to. They haven’t changed the estates or the wills, just become one for the rest of this life. I think it’s a wonderful, beautiful thing. Harold and Edna, keeping each other young. :wink:


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