Older people living together as brother and sister


Can an older couple live together unmarried as brother and sister while they wait on an annulment(which is not guaranteed).


Sure. I’m also sure that some people here will say no because of scandal, but it’s 2018, and their actions and intentions are what God sees, so I say go for it


Sure. The only requirement is that they not sin. Younger people can do that also but experience tells us that the temptation is too great for most couples. I know an older couple who were dating waiting for an annulment. There rule was no touching of any kind. The issue is putting oneself in the approximate occasion of sin.


If you’re to the point in your life where the relationship is more about companionship than about sex, so you can control whatever urges you have, then it seems reasonable to me.


This is a question for their pastor, not the internet.


When my grandfather died - a year or so later -
my grandmother, 79, hooked up with a old man of the same age.
They lived together in a condo.
They kissed in front of us - etc -
They both said it was money issues - that they didn’t marry - etc
None of the family liked it.
They never accepted the old man -
and looked on my grandmother as eccentric.


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