Older Religious Vocations for Women/Widows


Pax et Bonum friends! Many of you have followed my religious life journey and the start of our new Franciscan community, “The Family of Jacopa Association” for seculars and sisters. Our membership will include widows and single Catholic women over 40 yrs. old. The Diocese of Steubenville has approved of our start (in 2013) and I have just moved into our Motherhouse. The first secular members have started formation (they live in their own homes anywhere in the world). Women who are interested in living in community as Sisters are now scheduling their “Come and See” visits. It is a very grace-filled and exciting time. Please consider discerning with us. Our website is: familyjacopa.com/

Or please email me at: familyjacopa@yahoo.com or call (740) 314-8455.

Thanks for listening to God’s call on your heart and the beat of St. Francis and St. Clare hearts as Rebuilder’s of His Church!
----Kathleen Ann Marshall, ofs
Community Servant of The Family of Jacopa Association


What is the focus of this new organization?


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