Older vocations -- go where you're known

A bit of advice from the Institute on Religious Life – go where you’re known.

I honestly don’t remember where I read this, but the advice came from the IRL for older vocations to petition communities who are old friends. I have seen this happen on more than one occasion.


Hi. It is a shame that you haven’t got the source. Could you please explain me who the IRL is?

Institute on Religious Life.

The concept makes perfect sense, though. If a person is old friends of the community, then the latter knows the person to a certain extent.

I was working with a delayed vocation and a religious institute with whom they’d been friends for a long time extended an invitation to them. They accepted. This has actually happened twice now.


Wouldn’t you say that it is not so much about everyone being buddies and more about spreading the Good News as far and wide as possible.

It does not surprise me that the IRL says this. Many religious Orders talk about the need to get on with the community. In my opinion, the psychology, charism and genuine vocation of the individual is not reliant on what others think of them: psychology is through tests (St. Paul said that a sound mind is important); charism is a gift from the Creator for a particular type of mission; vocation is the kind of life to be lived. St. Peter and St. Paul argued, did they not, so it is not the most important thing, IMO, that everyone shares Cadbury’s Caramels together. In fact, we are taught that a bit of competition is healthy. It does not surprise me that wet-lettuce syndrome is the infliction of the day in western religious thinking. It is that over dependence on temporal needs rather than putting the Spirit first which has inflicted the west leading to a lack of vocations. Why should the salvation of a soul be dependent upon the sensibilities of small-minded men (compared to our Creator)?

Religious life is a job not a holiday.

It is interesting and useful to know this anyway. Thanks for your response and interesting thread subject. :thumbsup:

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