Older Vocations--something to explore


In searching for vocation information in Kansas, I found this csjkansas.org/about/agregees/

The Sisters of St. Joseph in other areas also have such a program. (Agregee Sisters)

I’d be very interested in any thoughts or experiences of anyone else on CAF. I’ve emailed the Sister in charge of this program for more information.

Also, here’s an article about a Catholic School Principal who is now an Agregee Sister: todayscatholicpueblo.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=73:holy-family-catholic-school-principal-professed-as-a-lay-associate&catid=48:local-news&Itemid=30


I’ve had no experience but if I was younger and single and wanted a vocation that would be right up my alley, serving God and the community, what could be better. Sounds like you can do a lot of different things and be around people, which is nice. Good luck I hope you hear back soon.:slight_smile:


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