Oldest complete copy of the Bible is now online

You can read the Greek Bible, which was written between 330-350, online here: codex-sinaiticus.net/en/manuscript.aspx

Yeah but that’s only if you know Greek which I don’t. :wink:

When the oldest copy of Quran would go digital ;), or they are afraid of the inconsistency with today’s Quran as mentioned here:

"Puin is not alone in his enthusiasm. “The impact of the Yemeni manuscripts is still to be felt,” says Andrew Rippin, a professor of religious studies at the University of Calgary, who is at the forefront of Koranic studies today. "Their variant readings and verse orders are all very significant. Everybody agrees on that. These manuscripts say that the early history of the Koranic text is much more of an open question than many have suspected: the text was less stable, and therefore had less authority, than has always been claimed."

Ah cool. :cool: So the Koran is not truly as “infallible” as Muslims claim it to be then? :confused:

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