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I have heard people talk about the oldest scriptures, saying the Greek and maybe Aramaic is oldest. But they don’t accept Targum and Hebrew scriptures.


The Qumran scrolls here seem to be 408 BC 318 AD. IF the BCE and CE are the same. Would the Dead sea scrolls be older than the Biblical texts? They have all the BIblical except Esther I have heard. Plus other texts too of course that are educational.



You are correct. BCE (Before the Christian Era) means the same thing as BC (Before Christ) and CE (Christian Era) means the same thing as AD (Anno Domini, Year of the Lord), just without the implied acceptance of Jesus as the Christ and Lord.


BCE means before the common era and CE means common era, not Christian era. They replace the terms BC and AD. It’s an attempt to eliminate religion in our dating system.


Sounds like a Jewish dating system.


Common or Current?


Y do U say that?


I assume you are questioning why the Hebrew and Targum texts are not used over the Septuigent. The thing is that Christ and the Apostles used and referred to the Septuigent. In 300 CE the Sadducees redacted the scriptures using dubious criteria which had nothing to do with inspiration, but the council of Hippo maintained the Septuigent as the complete Old Testament Canon.

One of the questioned books is Tobit. It was rejected by the Sadducees for not being written in Hebrew. 1900 years later, a 2400 year old copy in flawless Hebrew was found. If the Sadducees had gotten their hands on it in 300 Tobit might have made it into the Hebrew canon.

In Qumran the scrolls were housed with other literature, not found in the canon. On my bookshelf, you will find my NAB Bible, annotated concordance, a bible study text, quotes from Mother Teresa, and the book of Mormon. Only the Bible is inspired. The rest is good pious reading except for the book of Mormon which is not. Same thing with the scrolls of the Essenes, the Biblical books are inspired, the other books like the Assumption of Moses are heartening, pious literature but do not rise to the level of ‘‘Inspired’’ and of course the heretical gnostic teachings which was not a Christian heresy but an errant philosophy that contaminated Semitic and Christian faiths.

But that’s all ancient history…


It is more of a scientific way of referring to dates without religious overtones, but nevertheless, Christ is still at the center.


I look at them all. All that you’ve mentioned. I find them all to be pretty good. And more you haven’t mentioned. Consider this, and this is what has happened. Anyway that Jesus formed his Church as he has and went to others and said, “This is what I want for you. Never mind about them.” Like he said to Peter, “Follow me”. Not John. John has his position in the Church. And a glorious position the Church need not concern itself with. But I don’t want to get into it. :slight_smile: Mark too, is the head of a “Church”.

God Bless.

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