Olive Garden Is Offering 7 Weeks Of Unlimited Pasta For $100


Olive Garden is trying a new tactic for drawing in customers.

The struggling Italian chain is offering a “Never Ending Pasta Pass” for $100 that buys seven weeks of unlimited pasta, breadsticks, salad and Coca-Cola beverages, USA Today reports.

There are only 1,000 passes and they will be sold on the company’s website beginning at 3 p.m. If a customer uses the pass once every day for the 49-day period, they would effectively be paying about $2 per meal.

The chain’s pasta dishes average around 1,000 calories for a single serving.

“What we’re trying to do is get some attention,” Jay Spenchian, Olive Garden’s executive vice president of marketing, told USA Today. “It’s sure to provoke a reaction.”

Olive Garden’s same-store sales dropped 1.3% in the most recent quarter.

The new promotion is running at the same time as its “Never Ending Pasta Bowl” offer, which lets customers eat unlimited pasta for $9.99.
This is the latest in a string of promotions offering unlimited food by struggling casual dining restaurants.

TGIFridays launched a $10 “Endless Appetizers” deal in July and Red Lobster is currently offering “Endless Shrimp” for $15.99.



I would never do this now, but in college when I had a much faster metabolism and minimal income? Absolutely.


Good deal. Sold out fast!

“Never Ending Pasta Bowl” returns September 22. Not sure what that means but it sounds like a second promotion.


Easting pasta once in a while: Yes!

Eating pasta every day for seven weeks: Absolutely not! I like variety in my diet, thank you.

Good luck to all who purchased these cards. I hope you don’t lose your appetite for pasta after the seven weeks are over.


Oh Snap! I just had a great cholesterol test and was looking to add some vice to my diet. The nurse said I was at risk for living forever.

I had 177 total cholesterol against a goal of <200
138 triglycerides against a goal of <150
80 LDL against a goal of <100
69 HDL against a goal of >40

Glucose was 97 with a goal of <140 even with both parents and a brother and sister had/have diabetes. My blood pressure was also normal, but that was no surprise because I have had that tested before and I have always been below 120/80.


If I remember correctly, the “Never Ending Pasta Bowl” was the deal where you can order different combinations of sauce (marinara, alfredo, etc.), different toppings (such as meatballs, etc.) and different pasta (angel hair, etc.) for a fairly decent price. I think I actually ordered it once----didn’t make it past the first or second bowl.


Coca-Cola products? Hmmm…

When I go to Olive Garden, I prefer to drink peach bellini iced tea----and I eat the peaches as well. I even ask the servers to replenish my peaches…:wink:


Everyone will have to wait until next time whenever that is; I was thinking of the salad option


I love all you can eat Sushi, so I think I could do some damage with pasta. Does it include any pasta with meat/chicken?


Welcome to the forums!

Not sure but it sounds as if it does. According to the Chicago Tribune article, it says “The restaurant estimates there are 150 combinations of its pasta, sauce and toppings.” Article also says, “Excludes gratuity, alcohol and buyers must be 18 years old”.




Which one of us can out-do the other?! :smiley:


Hi SquallLeonHeart,

I think that there is a sauce that has a meat option in it, with the “never ending pasta bowl.” My husband and I like to go there when they have that offer.

You can mix and match the pasta and the sauce. It’s really good. If I remember correctly, they make a really good sausage pomodoro sauce.


(I’m hungry…)


Hi cheezy,

I know, me too! :slight_smile: I love your nic. Every time that I see it, it makes me smile!

As I have been reading this particular thread I have been thinking, “Yum, yum!” :smiley:



I aim to please…


I just know that this thread would make me hungery this close to feeding time ! ! :smiley:


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