Olympic opening uses girl's voice, not face

This sweet little girl was deemed not cute enough to appear at the Olympics, so they found someone whose looks they liked better…and dubbed her voice

Now the blog of the little girl is linked on the bottom of this article…take a peek at her ,she is darling…What kind of people are so mean to do this to a 7 year old child?


China of course !

That evil communist tyrant !

This just doesn’t make any sense, but spending as much as China did on the opening ceremonies, doesn’t either. :shrug:

If you haven’t found out yet, American producers have people lip-sync performances all the time. Whether its the Super Bowl, or some other spectacular event, entertainment is what matters.

In the case of the Chinese girl, the girl that actually sang, was taped before hand. They chose a child-actor to perform the song.


Yes, they chose someone else because they thought she wasn’t cute enough…how awful…this wasn’t some commercial event it is supposed to be about talent…it stinks…what if the athletes were turned away because they didn’t think they were pretty enough?

Its not about individual talent, but about a show, which they pulled off better than anything the world has ever seen.


Given what they did to pull it off. …that is a matter of opinion…and I don’t share yours

Lip-sync is fine as long as the VOICE belongs to the one lip-syncing. You just don’t get it live from the performer.

But this, tell me if there is not one single person who watched the ceremony who didn’t think the lip-syncing was really her own voice.

I know you did.

We have no reason to expect any less.

[quote=]In the case of the Chinese girl, the girl that actually sang, was taped before hand. They chose a child-actor to perform the song.


I thought we were watching an event with true performers, not a movie or broadway show.
Was there ever a time you watched a performer who lip-sync but not of his/her own voice, like the Super Bowl?

I wish the chinese did turn away athletes, then the U.S. men gymnists would be holding a silver now.

Heck, no one would be in china because they wouldn’t have any athletes to compete with !

Yes it was a wonderful spectacle that China pulled off. Of course the money could have been put to better use. We do have millions around the world starving. Its the Olympics!!! In 4 years we will have forgotten where they were at. I already have forgotten where the last ones were. They have no eternal value. But China is pretty much an atheistic communist country what are you suppose to expect from them.

Not much, but for a minute there, we almost forgot what they are.

Wake up people !

Granted while I don’t think it fits my feeling for what is ethical, I find it hard to be too critical over this. While we may have our distinction between what is permissible and what is not, it really wasn’t that far away from it. We have our preference for people whom will lip-sync and ones that are better looking, granted we don’t exactly like it when called on; we though still want people to actually at least used the song they sung. Perhaps they have their preference for a good show rather than the person performing in the show to have done so.

Bah there is plenty more to be critical on, I’d just give this one a pass, and chalk it up to cultural preferences.

The difference between there and here (USA) is someone over there owned up to it and they used an actual real voice for the singing. Here they just use voice processors to create the voice they want.

BTW, I think both the little girls are adorable.

Daddums :slight_smile:

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