Olympic Thread


For anyone watching the Olympics.

Are the spectators allowed to cheer at the top of their lungs USA! USA! USA! at the golf events while players from other nations are putting? :smiley:


One would actually have to watch the Olympics to know… :rolleyes: That leaves me out.


I dunno. Every day when I turn on the Olympics it’s just swimming, swimming, and more swimming, with a dash of kayaking or syncronized diving thrown in for poor measure, which was hiddeous.

Congrats to all the US athletes who won medals. I think the network coverage of these games was unwatchable though, unfortunately.


I tried to watch the Olympics. One of the first events I saw was a track race where one runner was obviously no where even near the caliber of the rest. The commentators then started talking about how great it was that the Olympics was about being inclusive and what a great thing it was this person was included. I turned it off and haven’t tried watching it again. I wanted to see the best athletes the world has compete, not some PC junk with an “everyone gets a trophy” attitude.


these commentators leave a lot to be desired. I found that out the night of the boring opening night ceremonies. the ratings seem to be reflecting that not many are watching.


I am so impressed by the British squad this year.

Currently 2nd overall after the USA and above China in the league tables

Obviously nobody beats the Americans but for a country of our humble population size, I’m mighty impressed that we have even managed to get up that high.

It seems we received a good boost from our last Olympic Games back in London.


Oh the commentators have been dreadful in Britain too.

They were widely panned for the nonsense they were spouting during the Opening Ceremony to fill up time.


As an ex-swimmer, I’ve enjoyed the overabundance of swimming coverage, though I admit it’s a boring sport on the whole :slight_smile: Ledecky beating everyone by 11 seconds is mindblowing (to swimmers), and Phelps is going out like a champ. It will be many decades before someone passes his 28 total medals. Was glad to read Jesus played a key role in his comeback.


I don’t consider it to be a boring sport and I’m not a swimmer.

And Phelps…is he really a man or a gold medal winning machine? :eek:


Coverage has been wide spread across many channels, including Internet. I LOVE the fact it’s just not one channel and that I can choose.


Joseph Schooling got us our very first gold medal in the Olympics! He beat Phelps, his idol. Such an inspiration :’)

Not a crazy fan of sports but boy, my heart stopped when I was watching him swim


While it’s nice that there are more sources for viewing events, it can also be a bad thing. Like the widespread broadcast of the unfortunate incident in the pole vault by a Japanese Olympian.


That was a great race, he broke the Olympic record and there was a three way tie for Silver.
Bet the pools will be crowded in Singapore next swim season.


That’s not new, remember the ABC commercial on “The Agony of Defeat”? You couldn’t avoid watching it repeatedly, since they replayed the commercial constantly.


I remember. The incident in the pole vault was, to me… different. I don’t think Jim McKay would repeat it!


what happened? - I didn’t hear about it.


Oh goodness. As he turned to complete his jump over the bar, his penis hit the bar. It’s been played in slow motion all over the internet. I feel so bad for this guy. Not to mention that he must have been in pain!


oh! I wasn’t expecting that! lol. I thought maybe he broke his arm or something.


So this one is more likely to make ‘america’s funniest home videos’, they are fond of that sort of thing.

I too thought it would be a nasty bone break, and I won’t watch those clips.

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