O'Malley Heading To New Hampshire


Gov. Martin O’Malley is scheduled to make another trip to New Hampshire.

The Strafford County Democratic Party on Tuesday announced O’Malley’s scheduled attendance at a picnic in Somersworth on August 17.

The Maryland Democrat, who is considering running for president, was in the first-in-the-nation presidential primary state in June for a Democratic dinner in Manchester. In November, he was the keynote speaker at a New Hampshire Democratic dinner.

O’Malley also is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at a Mississippi Democratic dinner on August 15.


Looks like he’ll be running for the Presidential Nomination.


Could be just a show to make it look like they aren’t just coronating Hillary Clinton.

It’ll be interesting to see how serious any other Democrats are about running.


I think there is still some mistrust (and possibly resentment) towards Hillary, even among Democrats, although particularly among Independents. If she is too polarizing, a Governor (even of my terribly liberal state of MD) could cause serious issues for her chances of world domination, I mean, the Democratic nomination.


My guess (if he wins re-election in California) is that Jerry Brown will try again. Had he been quicker to it … he might have been President in 1976 instead of Jimmy Carter. He was actually more qualified … but his “stop Carter” campaign began too late.

I don’t think Brown would be a good President. But he might be among the “better Democrats” – :wink: - with me that just could be damning with feint praise. Now if Jerry ever came out a revert and strongly pro-life … I could live with some of the other positions he holds that I don’t agree with.

I’m not too knowledgable on O’Malley so thanks.

Only Pro-life Democrat of prominence I’m aware of is Senator Casey of PA … and he hasn’t shown signs of running. But I’d like that.


It’d be great to hear Brown rail the old Democratic mudslinger about the “War on Women”, but accidentally gets recorded calling them another name…again…


Most all politicians make compromises, it’s a question of to what extent can you accept a compromise? Compromise vs. issues which we know are “non-negotiables”.


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