Omarosa releases purported secret recording of Chief of Staff John Kelly 'threatening' her in the Situation Room



I’m sure the recording is real enough, but all in all, this smells of a disgruntled ex-employee. I don’t give her a lot of credibility.


I never did.


Why was she in the White House to begin with?


Right. Anyone who criticizes Trump is a liar. And Trump and his buddies never, ever lie, do they? Oops…Trump lied 76 times in one day alone. Quite an achievement. And he’s lying more and more often about more and more important things–and things that can be easily checked. But he simply keeps repeating the lies over and over. Does this remind you of anyone? Think back…1933…his initials were AH.


Because she talked about how great Trump is.


The bigger issue is that she was recording while in the situation room.

Hopefully, everyone in the White House starts to pay attention to basic security rules after this latest example. After all, loose lips (and recordings) sink ships.


Now we have to wonder how much more of this has been going on.


Alfred Hitchcock? Now that you mention it, I totally see the connection.


Maybe both Alfred Hitchcock and Armand Hammer?


I heard what Kelly said to her. He was trying to be nice to her, given the circumstance; probably nicer than she deserved.


Yeah, and these sort of issues have nothing to do with political ideology or partisanship. There were similar discussions about The Secret service in president Obama second term. People jumping the White House fence, and the one man getting into the White House and onto an elevator what the president of the United States.

Security is never 100%, but these sort of things cannot happen. And that includes having recording devices in White House meetings. I have to leave my cell phone outside the building where I work. If security in the White House is that difficult to maintain, why is anyone allowed to bring these devices in either? Then you pat them down before going into meetings. You don’t wanna be patted down, you don’t work in the White House.


Shame if something would happen to your reputation isn’t exaclty nice.
But $15k/mo for a no show job? That is nice.


My kids can’t bring a cell phone in for any exams. They get collected, and if you don’t hand it in, you fail the exam.

If she recorded things, who else got recording devices in there?


One does wonder.


It seemed so to me. Seemed to me he was telling her she might be exposed as a liar if she went out and told a lot of lies. We’ll see how it plays out.


Since they mostly rely on the honor system, it’s not that hard to get recording devices in if you’re of a mind to. I’ve been in more than a few classified meetings, and I’ve never been patted down. At most I’ve been asked if I have my cell phone with me. If I say no, nobody checks. Of course, bringing a recording device in to such a meeting is a felony as is releasing a recording made of such a meeting, so there’s a lot of incentive to comply.


Don’t they have any kind of metal detectors they have to go through before going in there or being “electronically wanded” like at concerts and public events before going in? Seriously this is pretty important if certain stuff gets leaked out.


Probably depends on the facility. No metal detectors in most I have been in, yet county courthouses here have them.

And while it is generally done on the “honor system” in most places, I am surprised White House meetings rely on that system, but I don’t imagine most politicians would dare to be away from the mobile devices for long, which probably hurts the likelihood of patting down John McCain or Nancy Pelosi…


Or a “lowlife”, by the man who brought her into the White House.

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