OMG, I was baptized Catholic?

Yesterday, I was at my mom’s and I saw an old document that said I was baptized Catholic as a baby. I was shocked.

I asked my mom, why she never told me I was baptized. There is only one Baptism and I got baptized again as a Baptist teen.

She shrugged it off and said your father had you baptized. She said it as if it didn’t matter or make sense (she is Baptist). My parents divorced when I was 9 ad my father died when I was 19.

I hadn’t even known my father was Catholic. He certainly was non-practicing and never went to Mass. I did find out after he died he had been a mason.

Looks like I’ve come full circle. :slight_smile:

You certainly have!

I remember when I met my husband…the first thing my grandmother said was “He’s not Catholic!”

Come to find out…all these years later…when he was signing up for RCIA…that he actually had been baptized Catholic! If my grandmother only knew:D

I am not sure but doesn’t being baptized as a Catholic mean you’re technically a Catholic now, even though you’re weren’t confirmed?

What sacraments could you receive as a baptized but unconfirmed adult?

I have heard of this kind of thing before. I would imagine in this day and age, this kind of thing isn’t uncommon.

Interesting discovery. So how did you feel the moment you read the ‘old document’? :smiley:

I might be way off base here, but I don’t think Baptists recognize infant baptism, so while they believed they were baptizing you properly, as it had already occurred, you basically just got wet!

One would still need to be catechized before being allowed to receive the other Sacraments. Although technically being baptized means you can go to confession, receive anointing, receive the Eucharist and receive Confirmation. You need to be confirmed before you can get married or getting Ordained.

You are correct. Anyone that is baptized in a Catholic Church with documentation is not doubt already Catholic. They still need to be catechized, but in light of this the candidate is now no longer a candidate but a Catholic in need of confirmation. Thus, that person can approach the priest and request that they immediately be allowed to begin receiving first communion even before confirmation.

Congratulations. Don’t take not now or no as an answer. The priest has an obligation to you along this line. Since you are already in RCIA you can continue for confirmation, but since you’ve probably already covered the Eucharist you should have no problem being able to receive. Just make it clear to the priest that you want to begin receiving immediately. Don’t take no for an answer. He does not have the right to hold you from it, that is if you have been brought up to speed by this time. I only went to 7 classes to be able to take it. I went one on one with the priest in my parish.

Oh, you are eligible to receive all of the sacraments with the exception of holy orders. And if you are not male then that won’t make any difference. Just do it correctly by addressing this with your pastor first. It’s respectful and proper. Don’t suddenly let it go to your head. That’s not a proper position to take.

Confirmation is not required or at least used to not be required. My wife was in RCIA when we had our marriage convalidated. But that was to correct a lack of form to make it possible for us to act as husband and wife again and legitimize our children.

those 3 letters at the begining of your title brakes the 2nd comandmant

She just might mean “Old My Goodness”.

Can. 1065 §1. Catholics who have not yet received the sacrament of confirmation are to receive it before they are admitted to marriage if it can be done without grave inconvenience.

Has that always been the case? I mean over the past 40 years.

That’s my thoughts.

I can’t find an English version of the 1917 Canon Law. That is from the 1983 Canon Law so its the canons at least from that time.

Technically, all of them, you receive your First Communion before Confirmation, as well as your first Confession, so as long as the OP goes to confession, they have no reason to abstain from Communion, as technically, they are in full communion with Rome by virtue of there Baptism.

That’s what I think. Talk to your parish priest. Welcome Home!

It didn’t really hit me until I got home and thought about what his could mean. I am still in shock.

Hmm. I have been attending two parishes. Which one should I talk to… decisions, decisions.

I meant oh my goodness.

But surely you are breaking some law somewhere by typing in this gargantuan font!

As far as I know, all thats required to receive Communion is to be a Baptized Catholic, I had to abstain during my Conversion as technically I was Anglican in the eyes of the Church by virtue of my Baptism, however another Candidate with me in RCIA was baptized Catholic, they was required to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and they could receive the Body and Blood of our Lord in the Eucharist.

Welcome Home!

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