Omission as Sin


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Just a quick question. I often have to listen to people swearing and taking the Lord’s name in vain among family and friends. I have confronted them about things like gossiping and using the Lord’s name irreverently in the past and sometimes they apologise for doing this in my presence. However, it is still is quite a frequent occurance. The thing is I feel absolutely terrible everytime when they do it because I feel that I have also sinned by not “barking” the moment it happened. I find it difficult to know when I should speak up and when its ok to let it go. These situations make me feel like a coward and sometimes I feel like I may also be sinning against the Holy Spirit by trivially sinning (by ommission) and hoping for easy absolution.

This has been getting me down lately. I try not to let such feelings make me avoid family members and friends but I am just so confused as to how to handle such situations. Any help would be much appreciated. :frowning:


I had this problem at work! I used to say ‘bless his holy name’ and then say a prayer for them. Hope the situation improves for you. You’re in my prayers! God bless xx


This seems like an excellent idea. I will use it myself.



We are all sinners saved by grace. When I see Jesus he will say, I wanted you to do this and that at this time and that and you missed your opportunity. I am guilty.We are forgiven and plead for His mercy. I had a friend who had a sign on her fridge that said,JESUS HEARS ALL THAT IS SAID HERE. Also, say, I love you all but I can’t come if your language continues this way, Bring a jar w you and anyone who swears puts in a dollar or whatever and pray St. Michael’s prayer before you enter the house. Remind them of the second commandment.
Dear Father
Send your angels to place a zipper on the lips of those who dishonor your name. Who use their mouth to dishonnor the talent of their spirit through lips. It is not what you put into your mouth that condemns you it is what comes out of your mouth that comdemns you.
in Christs home


I had a boss who used absolutely filthy language. She knew it upset me like she knew she was wrong in smoking next to me so I could get secondhand smoke. She had a little, tiny desk fan. I used to wonder how she could eat with the same mouth she profaned with. It seemed to me like a sewer.


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