Omitted and Edited


Omitted and Edited Question.


Not understanding what’s going on here…


He or she has decided to delete the original post.


But there is no question.


catholics do not have idols

the first commandment tells us not to have idols, that would be across the board, all christian religions

my suggestion is a period of prayerful discernment on your next move.
It seems the Holy Spirit is moving within you. So a prayerful discernment while you listen , and this could be weeks or months, or even years, is a good exercise.


There was a request for advice that is still visible in the editing tool. He or she has apparently decided not to ask it after all and so deleted the post.


What in the world is an editing tool?


that little pencil shaped tool


I don’t have access to edit the OP so the request for advice is not visible using any editing tool.


i mean the little pencil we use to edit our own posts, not the posts of others.

only regs have some access to editing tools for others post.


It’s great that your faith is intensifying. I recommend learning about what it is to be Catholic and what we actually believe before you make any decision. Learn about the similarities and differences between the C of E and the Catholic faith. Learn about the Eucharist, the Apostolic succession, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, etc… converting would take you away from these.


I mean how will my pencil tool allow me to see what someone else wrote or ommitted?

I know regulars can edit title threads because I used to be one.


If you look to the top right of the OP, you’ll see the little pencil symbol. If you click on it, you can see what the original post was about. The number to its left shows how many times the post has been edited.


Thanks. I didn’t even see the pencil in the upper hand corner of the OP post!
I thought the corrections were usually a red pencil?


I believe you’re right. It might have something to do with the author of the OP being faded out… I’m not sure.


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