Omnipresence and Real Presence


I was hoping if sombody could share with us an easy or simple way to describe the difference between Omnipresence and Real Presence (ie, Eucharist).

I mean, if Omnipresence is true, then why do we need Real Presence?


Well the obvious difference to me is that Eucharist makes Jesus available to us both physically and spiritually and omnipresence is only spiritual. Also, receiving the Eucharist brings us into a mystical communion with Jesus to share both in His suffering and His Glory and unites all the Church in a special way. Omnipresence has not specific aspect of sharing or communing with God in this manner. Although one can enter into spiritual communion through prayer. But there are special graces extended through communion and we see The Eucharist as a means of obeying Jesus’ commandment to eat His Body and drink His Blood and receiving that grace in a way that heals us and keeps us in Him. There is also something more intimate and personal and at the same time communal when we receive Eucharist. Also, to receive Eucharist worthily one must be in a state of grace (not mortal sins) whereas God’s omnipresence is constant irrespective of the state of one’s soul. The difference is in how He relates to us and how we relate to Him.

Hope this helps.



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