Omnipresence of Saints in Heaven?

The Bible seems to indicate that only God has the attribute of omnipresence. See Jeremiah 23:24

If we are able to contact the saints in Heaven, it would be necessary that they also be omnipresent for our multiple requests to them to be successful.

We know that Satan is not omnipresent, since he must “roam to and fro” about the earth and he needs his minions to help him in his warfare against God and us.

The angels also appear to be limited “presence-wise” as was demonstrated by the angel sent to Daniel taking twenty-one days to make it. See Daniel 10:13

I recall Jesus saying that we would be like the angels in Heaven when talking about marriage and divorce etc., so I might be wrong in assuming that other angelic attributes also apply generally. Our dying “in Christ” will likely give us greater attributes than even the angels, but I question the omnipresence attribute which is a “God attribute only” in my understanding. (There goes that “only” word again.)

Maybe someone could point out what I’ve overlooked in the Bible that could explain where the saints in Heaven might have the needed attribute of omnipresence to respond to multiple prayers. I’m sure that some saints are supposedly getting millions of requests per second from millions of different locations on earth.

Your right the saints are not omnipresent, only God is. God gives the saints the ability to hear our prayers only when we call upon them. It doesn’t matter how many people call upon them in any given second. There are no seconds in heaven. They aren’t limited by time b/c there is none. Time is earthly.

Call waiting works wonders :stuck_out_tongue:

First of all, the verse in question does not say that only God is omnipresent:

Can a man hide in secret without my seeing him? says the LORD. Do I not fill both heaven and earth? says the LORD.

Of course God** is **omnipresent, but the verse doesn’t speak to the fact if anyone else is. Be careful of trying to make isolated Bible verses trying to say something they don’t.

Having said that, the saints are not omnipresent-- But why is is **necessary **that they be so?

If we begin with the proposition that it is God’s will that they do hear our prayers, is it beyond God’s power to grant them the ability to do so?

Hi Mirdath, I like the call waiting response.

Hi Lorik, The angel sent to Daniel seemed to have a problem with time.

Hi Fidelis, I get the impression that the LORD is rightfully bragging about His power of omnipresence in Jeremiah 23:24. It’s hard for me to picture God bragging about any one of His attributes that He might later grant to anyone else. Omnipresence impresses me as strictly a Divine attribute, which can not be shared. I praise Him for it, along with all of His other wonderful and infinitely perfect attributes of Divinity.

I agree that nothing is beyond God’s power to grant abilities to others, but you probably know already how guys such as me tend to reject any propositions or assumptions that the Bible does not at least somewhat support.

Thanks for the replies.

The saints are not omnipresent & they do not have to be!
They are in Heaven, in the presence of God, & they pray there, for us here, who are not–at least not yet!–kneeling before the throne of God Himself.
HTH. God bless.

Good answer Zooey.

God bless!

That is simply not true.

Even if it were necessary for a saint in heaven to be in a different place to hear each prayer (and why that would be necessary I can’t imagine), there are not an infinite number of people praying, in every different location in the universe and beyond.

So to claim that omnipresence is required for saints to hear the prayers of those on earth is merely a fabrication without any basis.

I could also say that you are fabricating the claim that saints in Heaven can even hear us, since there does not seem to be any support in the Bible for such a claim.

There also is no support in the Bible that anyone goes to Heaven upon death. Kind of screws up the whole resurrection of the DEAD don’t ya think?

Read Revelation 5 and reconsider your assertion.

Oh, and “so are you” is not really a defense of your position. :rolleyes: You claim that omnipresence is required for saints to hear prayers – demonstrate why it is required.

Sure there is, but based on the dismissive attitude you have so far displayed, your acceptance or non-acceptance of the clear scriptural evidence is, may I say, predictable? :slight_smile:

Oh well, just for yuks, here it is:

I don’t have any problem with the earthly intercession of fellow believers praying to God for us or us for them (whether requested to or not). It is definitely scriptural to do so, even praying to God for non-believers.

I read through most of the Saints & Intercessory Prayers article.
Staying on the Scriptural side of the article, can you point out anything there that describes a live person on earth praying to (or asking intercession of) a Saint in Heaven?
We could discuss that verse of “clear scriptural evidence”.

It is my understanding that not everything we Catholics believe must be in scripture, so long as what we believe doesn’t contradict scripture. Catholics do not stand on the Bible alone for the basis of our beliefs… we also stand on Tradition and the Magisterium.

God Bless you, (wish I was in Hawaii right now!)

Personally I don’t believe they will find anything…Furthermore in my opinion when I am in heaven! I truly feel the last thing I’d want to do is take my eyes off the Lamb… I mean seriously paying attention to this filthy world as opposed to standing in awe of our Lord and Saviour, or singing HOLY,HOLY,HOLY as it states the angels are doing in Revelation.

Revelation 4:8 Day and night they never stop saying: “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come.”

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