Omnipresence Pre-resurrection?

In a discussion with someone discussing the Last Supper, it has been suggested that Jesus could not have been “at table” and fully present in the bread and wine because he was not omnipresent until AFTER the resurrection.

Can I have your views on how to answer this objection?

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Jesus was God before, during and after his lifetime on earth, and it was only through his divine powers that he performed the actions he did on earth, not only the healings, miracles, teaching and building the Church, but the Last Supper, Passion, death and resurrection, which are one event, not a string of events.

For God, the Last Supper is happening right now, as is everything else in the past, present and future. God exists OUTSIDE of time and space.

If you go to this link’s_Supper/

Scott Hahn talks about The Lamb’s Supper. It may help

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