On a lighter note... not the response I expected after all these years together


**Is this TMI? I don’t think it’s all that racey, but if it is my feelings won’t be hurt by it being deleted.:slight_smile: **

**P****lease keep in mind I am a woman who until today owned precisely 4 stained up tshirts, 1 pair of jeans, and 2 pairs of ragged shorts that are not maternity clothes. I’ve got boxes of beautiful maternity clothes, but baby girl is almost 1 yr old now and I’m not pregnant today so…:o **

Said I to dh about my new skirt:
“Do these pockets make me look hippy [read as “wide”] or my butt look big?”

Said dh after asking for the shake and twirl before giving his critique:
“Oh honey, you look great! Don’t you know fat bottomed girls make this rockin’ world go 'round?”

** :ehh: Did he just say I have a fat bottom, but he likes it that way? :blush: **


Hehe, I think he did - mind you, it’s a sentiment he obviously shares with Queen who wrote that song :wink: but a lovely one nonetheless for all the ladies like myself who have, ummm, ‘junk in the trunk’ as the more modern expression is.


That is what we call a “left handed compliment” :slight_smile:

A friend of mine was newly married, and sitting talking to her husband one evening. She said “will you still love me when I am old and ugly?”

He answered, “Honey, you couldn’t get any uglier”.

That was 10 years ago, he is still living that compliment down :slight_smile:


The key to getting on with life after a comment like that is to tease him about it at opportune times… Surely this is worth a trip to DQ or a new outfit?


sounds like a really good natured teasing to me! One that would result in a pillow tossed on my DH and some mattress dancin’ after! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


…and you were thinking you’d get to have 8 kids AND a body like Pam Andersons’s?! Tall order, girlfriend, tall order! :stuck_out_tongue:


Now THAT’S tmi (TOO much information!) :stuck_out_tongue:


:rotfl: I know exactly how you feel! Ugh! My maternity clothes are beautiful, and I have so many! But now I’m definitely not in maternity clothes, and I’m not in half of my pre-pregnant clothes yet either. So it’s the old baggy jeans and same couple of T-shirts for me :rolleyes:

Congratulations on your baby’s up and coming 1st birthday! When is her big day? :dancing:

Oh, by the way, do you also take a pregnancy test before putting your maternity clothes away? :smiley:


I never looked like Anderson before the kids!
**But a mom can be healthy regardless of how many kids, which is all I meant. I’m very close and hope the warmer weather will help me knock off the next few inches.:smiley: **


Fatima Baby? How awesome! :heaven:


My mother was a volunteer for the marching band “band boosters” when I was in high school.

One day, she was getting ready to go help serve at the concession stand, and said to my father, “Does this outfit look alright?”

He glanced up, and said those fateful words, “You look fine. You’ll just be standing behind a counter.”

Not only has has he never lived that down, but it’s been passed down to me- I refer to it as the “Hey honey, is this an ‘in front of the counter outfit’ or a ‘behind the counter’ one?”

Pretty tame compared to your husband’s Queen ripoff! :smiley:


Shame on you… Asking a “loaded” (44 Magnum caliber) question! :stuck_out_tongue: No matter what he could answer… It’d be wrong.

I learned long ago that any question about:
“Does this make me look fat?”
“Is my *ss too big/wide?”
“Do you think my thighs are fat?”
“Are lefty&righty hanging lower than before?”

requires pulling a “Schultz”… “I know NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHIIIIINNNNG!”

My usual reply is to flip it back into her court… “What do YOU think??” (Then I can reply with the answer she wants to hear).


My “Fatima” baby was October 13!! I later found out that was the date that Our Lady appeared for the last time…It was also a Friday that Oct 13 and dd was born on 10-13 and it was a Friday too!:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


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