On a road of confusion


Hello friends in Christ,

If you remember from before, my family and are were on a road of confusion regarding my disability when we were brought to a person who prayed strangely over me.
We did not return to the person again, but my mother has been getting desperate about my health, as doctors are not trying to intervene due to the complicated nature of my disability.

She recently talked to one of her aunts, who directed her to a fortune teller. The fortune teller told her to go to a traditional clinic in the north direction from my home and if I eat 5 months worth of herbal medicine, I will be healed. I told her that I would not like to follow this because I thought this wasn’t what God wanted, but I didn’t want to disappoint my mother, so I went with her. It was a normal herbal medicine clinic but my mom is continuing to follow the fortune teller’s advice and is planning to get more herbal medicine from that place by following the directions of the fortune teller. According to my mother, the fortune teller told me a bunch of stuff about my future, and she payed money to the fortune teller to ‘pray’ for my health.

I have asked her if I could see a doctor who could diagnose me but I think she’s just really frustrated that I just keep seeking medical advice and she just wants to try everything to heal me. We saw a lot of doctors but they never refer me to the right specialty.
I just don’t want to do things that God doesn’t want me to do.

What do you guys think? I just don’t know what to do.


I think that you already know that fortune telling and divination is wrong.


We have to obey God rather than men. If your mom wants you to consult a fortune teller, you aren’t obliged to obey her, because consulting fortune tellers for divination advice is against God’s law.


Fortune telling is part of the ‘occult’. By definition the occult is some supernatural influence that is not from God. Jesus is God. The occult should be rejected.


What do I think? I think the fortune teller is getting a large kickback from the clinic, and that both of them are making money hand over fist from this disgraceful situation, not to mention the fact that both you and your mother are endangering your immortal souls by dabbling in the occult. No more money should change hands, and both the fortune teller and the clinic should be avoided like the plague from here on out. I have not read your other threads so I am unfamiliar with your situation, but it does sound strange when you say your doctors have halted treatment due to ‘the complicated nature’ of your disability. Is there really nothing they can do? Might a second, or even a third opinion help? I am praying for God’s will to be done in your case.


Thank you all for your help. I appreciate you all so much.
@kill051 I possibly have a genetic condition, which may seem normal from the outside- people with this condition often have to wait years to get the right diagnosis. I have done a lot of tests, which showed that it was normal. It’s a mutation in one of the genes associated that causes these problems. I have asked the doctors to let me see a geneticist but they are not letting us see one…I was so sad when they told me that it was the nature of my ‘complicated disability’ that they are not letting me see one. I felt like the world was collapsing upon me.

I have told my mother that this is not what God wanted and he does not want us to engage into this fortune teller. I have no control over what my mom does, as I am her daughter, but I persuaded her to stop. I’m praying every day to help me to find the right diagnosis. Please pray for me so that I will be able to find the right away- away from this fortune teller and the way that God wanted us to walk towards.


What type of disability is it? does it stop you from doing certain things?, I have a disability which I am putting to good use, people always see disability as a bad thing.


It is a physical disability and stops me from doing a lot of things. But I’m functioning pretty well, although daily life is exhausting.


God be with you, my friend. I also suffer from a physical disability which somewhat limits my movement and causes me to tire easily. God has blessed me with a team of doctors whose treatment is aggressive and productive. May He bless you in like manner!


If you haven’t yet, consider Bl. Margaret of Castello, patron saint for the disabled.


And St Gemma Galgani, if the disability is back-related.


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