On a road trip you stop in a town for lunch. There are five convenient options along the highway. Which would you choose?

Lunchtime fare
  • KFC
  • Burger King
  • Taco Bell
  • Subway
  • IHOP
  • none, thanks, I’ll keep driving

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no maccas?

It’s a small town. lol


Here it would be maccas with the truck stop servo on one side of the highway and maybe KFC the other side.
No Taco Bells or IHOP here that I have seen.

Waffle House.


Choices aren’t great, I would much prefer a Church’s Fried Chicken or a Roy Rogers Fried Chicken or even a Popeyes Fried Chicken. Although KFC has improved somewhat from 7 years ago when they had sunk to truly horrible. They’re now back up to average.

Also, in a lot of places, the KFC is actually a KFC/ Taco Bell so you can get both. I tend to be nervous of strange Taco Bells though - hard shell tacos, nacho chips, and tomatoes in the salsa are sometimes “off” even at the two that I actually frequent.


I do like Waffle House! Pecan waffles and coffee! :yum:

But I chose Subway as my option.



I am not a fast food fan, so I’d probably look for a grocery store and pick up something there like fruit.

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Could they build a Jimmy John’s quickly? Or a Popeye’s Fried Chicken?

I miss Church’s Fried chicken.

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I chose IHOP.

I don’t like pancakes but I do like waffles, bacon and eggs.

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No Cracker Barrel? We have one on every exit down here.

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We always try to find a diner.


Does Waffle House still have the jukebox in every restaurant? That was a major attraction for me.

Given the choices, probably Burger King. I like their actual burgers well enough.

IHOP. Most varied menu of the available choices, and it’s hard to screw up pancakes too badly.


I LOVE KFC but nine times out of ten my wife and I would do what you’ve suggested.

Never heard of them. I’d say they have not come to my part of Canada yet. :slight_smile:

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