On a road trip you stop in a town for lunch. There are five convenient options along the highway. Which would you choose?

I’m glad I’m not alone…nothing is worse than not being in on a joke or meme that everyone gets…but you! :heart::heart::heart:

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I went with Taco Bell.

But the truth is that it would probably be “keep driving” because if I’m on a road trip I’d probably be with my husband and McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and In’n’Out are the primary ones we can agree on. Once in a blue moon he’ll agree to Subway.

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If you take the next exit off the highway I think you’ll find them on another road further into the town. :smile:

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We make a point of avoiding chain restaurants like the plague. That isn’t a moral judgement on those that eat there. We just don’t. We look for the little mom and pop place with the most cars in the parking lot.

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Most understandable, Eric. I’m sure you can see my own point of view as well. I spent my whole working life in the hotel and restaurant industry, something I was very good at but hated every day of. Going out to eat often seemed like going back in to work so my favorite places quickly became those that were least like those where I was employed. Thus, fast food is my first choice at all times. :smiley:


We try to find the local places when we stop for the night or get to our destination. But if it’s just a quick stop along the interstate then we usually prefer chains so we know what we are getting and can get back on the road quickly.

Now if the journey is the actual purpose (as opposed to just the means) of the road trip, then that’s another story. In that case, checking out the local places is part of the experience.

As a general rule, I try to do that myself. But I recall one trip I took with my father more years ago than I care to remember. I was in the Navy, ending an assignment at NAS Whidbey Island in Oak Harbor, WA and transferring to VA-115 home ported in Japan with leave en route. So he flew out from the family home in GA, a bit north of Atlanta, to help me drive the wagon and trailer that was loaded up with all my earthly belongings (except a motorcycle that was in the shop when the shop went bankrupt and was never recovered - different story). He had an uncanny knack of zeroing in on the best local place to eat no matter where we were, and only once did he resort to asking a local. We had some of the best meals I had ever had and none were what I would call bad or even below average for the entire week we were on the road. And as far as I can recall not a single chain or even fast food restaurant was involved. I still don’t know how he apparently knew to drive right past 5 likely looking places to get to the one that turned out to be almost magical.


Arby’s. Beef 'n Cheddar, extra cheddar with extra horsey sauce.

My wife will have one too.


Yum! :yum:
. . .


Arby’s has the best BLT sandwiches.

That and onion rings.

Favorite fast food meal ever.

I’d love to try one of those and always drool throughout their tv ads. Alas, there is no Arby’s in my city so I make do with lesser offerings.

Sounds like time for a road trip! To the nearest Arby’s!


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