On assignment outside diocese


I just found out we have a large number of priests "on assignment outside diocese."

What sorts of things to priests do when they are on assigment outside of their diocese? They also had separate listings for priests doing other things, like being in the military, doing higher studies at university, etc., so I know they are not doing those things.

Anyone know anything about this?



I wouldn't be surprised if a number of them are in the process of being laicized or are at least conflicted as to whether they want to remain in their priestly ministries.


Also, I've seem this used in cases where a priest was sent to a facility to address addiction or substance issues.


Usually it’s for special assignments or school.

Off the top of my head, I can think of a couple of our priest who are currently outside the diocese. From what I remember, they’re either assisting other diocese (mission diocese or teaching at a university) or doing further studies (when you’re in Western Canada, if you’re is sent for further studies it’s either to Ottawa - St. Paul’s - for canon law or Rome for theology).

I also know of a priest who is here from another diocese teaching at our Theology College (which the Seminary uses for the Theology studies).


Some other things it can mean - the priest has had a falling out with his bishop (sometimes the feeling’s mutual) or that they’ve relocated for personal reasons (such as to look after elderly parents, or be nearer to family), or that they’re considering a vocation to religious life.

On occasion it can also refer to someone on loan to the Vatican or another diocese. the terms “sabbatical” can also have a wide variety of meanings. for both terms, the number of possibilities can be as large as the number of people it applies to!


Thanks everyone for sharing this information! I was surprised at the number of priests who seemed to be off doing other things as I didn't realize there were so many other things for them to do :o


I don’t know any priest who isn’t run absolutely ragged, except those who are seriously ill.

Our 2013 diocesan directory indicates that at time of printing my archdiocese had 24 incardinated priests who are working outside the archdiocese. I only know what three of them are doing. Two are on foreign missions (one in Africa, one in North America). The third is the current spokesman for the French bishops’ conference (CEF).


Our parish is an ethnic personal parish ( not a territorial parish). It was created by the Archdiocese to serve the needs of a particular ethnic community and language.

As such, are parish is staffed by priests from Eastern Europe. They are diocesan priests, but are incardnated in an Eastern European archdiocese, not the archdiocese of Detroit.

We have a pastor who has been here for many years, and we get in associate pastors on duty from 1-3 years. They are generally sent here to improve their English skills.

From my mission trips to Tanzania, I know of one priest there who is from Sicily. He went there on a mission retreat. He spent some time at a parish and found a calling to stay. He asked his bishop for permission to stay longer. That was several years ago. Each year, his bishop renews permission for him to remain in Tanzania.

(that was a great parish to visit, he has a pasta machine and a tomato garden. He feeds us mostacholi , that is a welcome relief from the rice and bananas we get all time everywhere else.:thumbsup:)


Thanks again :) Now I'm looking forward to seeing the ones I known again to find put what interesting things they did!


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