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Hello everyone!
well I want to start by saying that I am new so it will take some time to get used to:blush: anyways I am writing to on the topic of being a Friar of the Franciscan Order. Ever since I was 17, I felt that God was giving me a calling in joining the Franciscan Minors. I talked this over with my mother (since she has been there for me) and for her, this is not new to because her family has a history of cousins and other members in being nuns :nun2: but they mostly reside in their native land in Guatemala; anyways she is in full support if its something I truly am called for. Now that I am 18, I truly feel that I want to continue to start the path on becoming a Friar. I know that it will not be easy, but God Willing I get to become one.:gopray2:

My questions are, what can I do to start? Since I live in Los Angeles there seems to be no monastery near this big city so what do I do? and my last question is that do I need a college degree (either BA AA or MA?) in order to become a Friar?

Thank you very much in taking your time in reading and answering in advance as it is deeply appreciated :smiley: May God bless you in your future endeavors!


If you truly feel the calling to enter the Franciscan Order I suggest contacting your local vocations director. Just a quick search on the internet found these local groups in LA.



Make sure you keep your options open. Look at the various official branches of the Franciscan Order. You may find a different one to your liking then your originally thought. Explore OFM, OFM Conventual and OFM Capuchin.

Here is a listing for OFM Conv in California:

It includes a link to the vocations director.

Here is a link for the Capuchins:

Since I am an East Coast Franciscan I don’t have any personal knowledge of any of those groups. I can give you more detailed information of local Franciscan friars.

Remember that this is a permanent vocation, so whichever you choose should fit like a glove. A good resource on Catholic Answers for all things Franciscan is Brother JR (username JReducation) There is also a Franciscan Spirituality social group.

The college requirements before entry will vary depending on the Order. Some will require a degree before entry, some prefer you start entry into the Order. No matter what it is better to talk to the vocation director first to see what is best.

Pax et bonum,
Jim, OFS


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