On Cardinal John O'Connor

As some of you may well know, yesterday was the 10 anniversary of the death of Cardinal John O’Connor who was Cardinal Archbishop of New York from 1985-2000(his death).

What are your views on him? Was he a good Cardinal?

I am not from the state of New York but I recall hearing only good things about the late Cardinal John O’Connor. He was faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church and was very pro-life.

I had the honor of attending a couple of Sunday Masses at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in which the Cardinal presided. One homily was a letter written by a bedridden New Yorker who was lonesome for St. Patrick’s, his Cardinal, and his Eucharistic Lord. The humility of Cardinal O’Connor was real enough for him to realize what a gem he had received in this man’s letter and the willingness to share it with us .It was fantastic. The sincere love the Cardinal had for all the simple liturgical moments throughout the Mass was really affirmed when he read the man’s letter. Like when your Dad read a positive note sent home from your teacher. You just love it when he reads it. Well my experience of Cardinal John O’Connor was brief but so lasting, I could see Our Lord in his priest, and I know for many Catholics this reality is why we love our Church, our Priest and Our Lord.

NY seems to get some good ones!


I listened to Cardinal O’Connor’s memorial Mass yesterday for a bit. Fascinating, and it made me want to learn more.

I must have listened to many of his homilies; even in my pagan days, I always tried to stay up to watch Midnight Mass. Who knows what positive effect the homilies had on me?

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