On Defeating Impurity - Simple Tools

Those of you who are old hands at this board know me and my struggle against impurity and “sins of the flesh.” I’ve posted long responses on these issues in the hopes of being of some help to those who struggle against this insidious evil. However, I think that simple is better.

I have really struggled to find something simple that will really work. At least for me, I think I’ve found it. I want to share it so that maybe someone else might find it useful in struggling with their cross in this regard.

Every time I start to do something inappropriate, I have trained myself to immediately start saying a “Hail Mary.” Stops me cold. One minute I’m caught up by temptation, and then the thought enters my head to start saying this short and simple prayer. I’m still sorely tempted, but I realize that to continue satisfying the desire I must make a conscious choice to put the Blessed Mother out of my mind and engage in what might be a mortal sin. I like the thought of that less than I like the thought of satisfying my disordered desires, so I find the strength to stop and do the right thing.

I have found that the Blessed Mother is a powerful help against this sin. Seriously powerful, especially if you remind yourself of how you will offend her if you engage in this sin while trying to say this prayer. So far, it’s been the one thing that always works for me, even in the face of a severe temptation.

Hope this helps someone else.

This is an excellent idea. I will keep this in mind, definately! Thanks for posting.

Here’s a prayer that works for me, though it’s the same idea: the power of the intercessions of the Mother of our Lord:

O my most holy Lady, Birthgiver of God, banish from me, your lowly and sinful servant, despair, forgetfulness ignorance, negligence and and all impure thoughts from my darkened heart and mind.

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