On Defending My Faith


On Defending My Faith

About twice a year, I feel like I’m back on the set of the show “Politically Correct,” sitting across the stage from the beautiful Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (Jane Seymour) and of course the irreverent and sarcastic host Bill Maher (half Catholic, half Jewish) battling it out over the sins and ills of the Catholic Church.

Because Catholicism is so much a part of who I am–and plays a central role in my recovery from addiction and depression–I feel the need to defend it.

A few days ago, my commute into the nation’s capital with a lapsed-Catholic-turned-Unitarian Universalist/Scientologist presented me with the opportunity to explain, why, even with all of its warts and cancerous moles, I’m not trading in my conservative faith for a more politically correct, all embracing, less rigid religion.

Here’s a (very) rough paraphrase of our conversation (plus some added commentary I didn’t think of at the time … Darn it! I should have said that! Well … I’ll use it next time, which there will be in approximately six months.)


Who is she defending her faith to? The Unitarian or the Church?:shrug:


The lapsed-Catholic-turned-Unitarian/Scientologist.:smiley:


So, what is the point of this post? You have asked no questions nor put forward any claims. All you have done is post a link to a blog of a very poorly formed lady who thinks it’s ok to disagree with Christ’s Church and morality just because she can convince herself that her conscience is fine with her views.
Please make a point here.


Wow, this is a microcosm of so much Catholic/non-Catholic interaction these days. The non-Catholic immediately gripes about sexual issues, and the Catholic immediately runs up the white flag and surrenders. That’s showing 'em!

I really think at least half of the anti-Catholic/anti-Christian sentiment in the world today is about sex.


You could of fooled me. What is she defending? - doesn’t seem to be the Church.


Well, she quotes the catechism quite a bit.


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