On Dr. Gene Scott


Early on Sunday mornings EasternTime in the U.S., I see a local broadcast of an hour with Dr. Eugene Scott of Stanford University.

He speaks with a lot of authority, explaining the Hebrew and Greek origin of words and ideas in the Bible.

On 11/18/06, there was one of several programs where he was explaining faith and works in scripture. That’s a tricky subject, because faith involves some work. etc.

But, in general, does anybody have any insight into this TV evangelist, from an apologetics point of view?


I’ve seen the late Dr. Scott on TV and heard his radio broadcasts.
Strange, with him IMO - One of the most gifted public speakers that I think I’ve ever heard - but out of kilter when it comes to doctines (and other things!!!). Watch him long enough and you’ll see what I mean :eek: .

I understand that James Akin had some initial attraction to Scott, before he became Catholic, here.


Before his (Dr. Scott’s) death, my husband and I would occasionally watch him for short stretches out of sheer amazement at the abuse he heaped on those who worked for him - and on his own audience. (My husband even called the show, asking the person who answered how he could work for such an abusive man; the response was definitely un-Christian. :wink: ) Dr. Scott was certainly a brilliant man (though in error), but very taken with his own light.


I’ve listened to Dr. Scott for a long time. I’m a shortwave listener and he used to be all over the dial (he’s still on SW, but not as pervasively as he used to be).

He had an absolutely brilliant mind and a supernatural charisma, but unfortunately all of his talents were tainted by a gigantic ego and an addiction for money. They don’t replay his real early stuff much anymore, but if he would have stuck to the message of his early ministry, then he would have beat Joel Osteen to the whole church-in-a-basketball-arena thing by a couple of decades or so. However, he let his message get tainted too much by money. He preached against works, but yet he would pronounce that those who ignored his demands for money were going to hell. He was incredibly manipulative and abhorrently abusive to his flock and staff. Even as cancer took away his life, he was defiant to the end. If you are interested in more details of his life (and especially his flaws), go over to Google groups and research alt.fan.gene-scott.

To me he will always be a tragic figure. I prayed for him during his illness and I pray for his soul today.


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