On Forgiveness & the Beginnings of the Journey for the Vagrant Catholic


It’s me again, this time with a lengthy post with my thoughts on forgiveness, plus my “reversion” story. Not sure if this falls under Moral Theology, but here we go.

*"The above is a lot to take in, and usually after people hear about it they ask a couple of questions. One is “do you think you will ever see your father again”? The answer is a slightly morbid one; “most likely when he’s in a casket”. Which actually brings me to the most important part of this post. And if you made it this far, then you’ve reached the one portion I want you to remember. If you’re sharing just one section of this post with someone, I want you to share this portion with them:

We are call called to forgive. We are not all called to reconcile"*


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