On Heresies?

It just occured to me that I don’t know what most of the Heresies are. I have heard of the Gnostics and a few others. Does anyone know of any books I could look to to find what heresies are what, What there princible errors are and how to reffute them? So I can be prepared for whenever If ever I come across them. Thanks and God bless.

The Great Heresies by Hillaire Belloc is good. There’s another one I have, but it’s packed away and I can’t recall the exact title. I’ll try to think of it.

There are a few explained in the book I quote in my sig. Over at the Water Cooler there’s a thread entitled “I’m not a heretic!” The OP gives a link to a test you can take to see if your beliefs are heretical. At the conclusion of the test it give a list of heresies, but it doesn’t tell what those heresies believe.

I second the call on Hillare Belloc’s book. It’s great! Very prophetic words on Islam, which he considered a herisy

Check out NewAdvent.com look for any heresy and it should have a page to explain it.

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