On Line Sacramentary for all seasons with prayers

I work in a small parish and it is getting to expensive to keep ordering missles for the pews. I can get the lectionary and the basic parts of the rites for every season. The only thing that I can’t find is the prayers listed in the sacramentary. If I could get them on line it would be great, that way I don’t have to retype them all.:confused:

Copyright restrictions prevent such a thing, unfortunately. :frowning:

A good low-budget option is the St. Joseph Sunday Missal in paperback for each liturgical year. These are about 2 dollars apiece.

If you go with an option like Father mentioned, you should remember to inquire about discounts for bulk orderings and mention, as well, the situation of your parish. :wink:

you can ask parishioners to chip in for all or part of the cost, and bring them to Mass, and order a few extra to keep on hand for visitors. there are even a few hymns included. You can work on some standard hymns and Mass settings that rotate with each season, that everyone knows.

ltp.org, liturgy training press, has lectionary and some other resources, not exactly on-line but you get downloads, with a subscription, and print what you need. go on-line and find out how it works. we are waiting for the revised Spanish version before we buy, but it is an option we are considering.

do your homework first, unless you have an offset printer that prints off your computer, making copies can be much more expensive.

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