On Martin Luther King Day, Blacks Face Racial Challenge From Abortion

On Martin Luther King Day, Blacks Face Racial Challenge From Abortion

Washington, DC – As the nation pauses today to remember the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., black Americans face a racial threat from a much different source than the ones King confronted: abortion.


I don’t know a whole lot about the situation at hand but I have read and heard that the whole pro-abortion movement is based upon the Eugenicist, Margaret Sanger, and her ideas. Whether or not that is true, I have no clue. I have also heard that Planned Parenthood, which I believe is the organization that Margaret Sanger originally founded, targeted African-Americans and people of minority races. If that is true, that is disgusting. But then again, I wouldn’t doubt that the pro-abortion organization known as Planned Parenthood would target whoever they feel they can target in order to gain more money to further their evil agenda.

That said, what can we do but continue to hope, pray, have faith, and vote for those who are pro-life when election time comes up again? I’d love to donate a large amount of money or volunteer my time for a pro-life organization. I have been considering doing this lately. Whether or not my health and all will allow me to do so is another story.

But anyway, I have trust in God that He will judge all those who committed evil acts while on earth. I certainly can’t judge the eternal destiny of any one single person. I can judge their acts as evil but not their eternal destiny. That’s up to God. Meanwhile, let us hope and pray do all that we can to morally eliminate abortion which we, as Catholics, know is gravely immoral.

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