On Not Cleaning Up


Today at Mass before the Eucharist I put on hand sanitizer like I always do. Unfortunately some dripped on the jacket belonging to the guy in front of me. I was clueless on what to do so I did not wipe it off. I am pretty sure this was not a Mortal Sin for me because I did not intend to drip it on his coat and I did not know if it was a sin to not clean it off.

I know some people may be wondering why I use hand sanitizer. I use it because I do not want to catch a cold or the flu (after all, it is flu season) and because the books/pews tend to be germy from kids playing with the books and such. After all, being sick is not very fun.

But back to the main topic, was it wrong of me to not wipe up the spill on the man’s coat? What would be the best course of action in the future? :confused:

One very interesting thing happened after Mass ended though: The guy who owned the coat turned around and he thanked me for being a good reader. I felt that this may have been the Holy Spirit communicating through him saying that I was good to go. Either that or I’m insane… :hypno:


You know, I think I would have taken the guy’s turning round and speaking in a friendly way to me as a Heaven-sent chance to say, ‘Look, I’m awfully sorry but I accidentally spilt some gel in your jacket earlier. I didn’t want to disturb you at the time, because the gel is safe on hands so I know it wouldn’t harm fabric’.


I probably should have done something like that but the though didn’t cross my mind. :frowning:

The jacket was actually a leather jacket (or it was artificial leather). I know that I had gotten some hand sanitizer on my leather shoes once and it put a light colored stain on them if I recall correctly. I don’t know if it would harm pleather. All I hope is that his jacket is okay.


Well, if there is a stain, I’m sure he’ll find a remedy- shoe polish or something.

He’ll probably think he brushed up against something at the mall or gas-station or somewhere.

I’m not saying you should be dishonest about admitting it!

But given that you don’t know if it caused a stain and you don’t know that if it did, he couldn’t remove it or was bothered one way or the other… well, you see where I am going with this?

How are you getting on finding something to get involved with to enlarge your view of the world and its real sorrows?


Having a leather jacket ruined by someone using hand sanitizer isn’t much fun, either. You should have tried to wipe it off (to mitigate any damage) or at least told him.


Hand sanitizer evaporates quickly, probably in less time yhan you have been worrying over it, I’ve dripped it on all types of garments ( being a teacher its like garlic to vampires to keep from catching kid germs!) Just be careful next time. If your church is like mine, you are seated for a short time before lining up for communion - use it yhen.


I think the man turning around was definatly a Holy Spirit thing. :slight_smile: Take it from me, melodeonist, some of these posts can get a little too detailed. Take that “nod” as an opportunity to dwell on the majesty of God’s peace and companionship. He wants you to have fun, man. He friggin’ LOVES US!!! And he does more than you realize to remind us of that, dude!! :thumbsup:

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