On Not Wearing A Bra


Is it immodest to not wear a bra?

The main point against not wearing one is nipples showing. Perhaps another point would be movement of the breasts when jogging, running, jumping, etc. Are these points sufficient to say that it would be immodest to not wear a bra? Or at the least not advisable.

And for the women out there, specifically, if one must cover up properly, what other options are there instead of bras. Because really. Bras are uncomfortable.


Well, depends on what else you’re wearing.

Nothing but a cami? No. A parka? Sure.

It’s not inherently immodest. I would compare it to wearing a low cut shirt - it’s not immodest if you wear a modesty panel underneath, but it can be if you wear it in a way that reveals too much. Use your best judgement :slight_smile:


I can’t imagine not wearing a bra! If you’re a b cup and up, you should wear a bra! And bras can be comfortable if you’re wearing the right size.


For me I am MUCH more comfortable wearing a bra, but that might be because I’m a DDD cup. I think whether or not it’s immodest to go without a bra depends on what you’re showing without it.


The modern brassiere dates from 1912 when it was first mass- produced to replace the uncomfortable corsets common at that time. The great masses of women in Europe and North America wore neither. They only wore corsets when they were fully dressed to go out in public. Most women of the day stayed pretty close to home.
The modesty norms of the 19th and early 20th century demanded that women wore a complete set of undergarments that were heavy by today’s standards, These garments prevented a public display of their nipples. Remember, that this was a time that a view of a womans ankles was concidered racy.
Thus, ladies, if you wear some sort of undergarment, like a t-shirt, or something slightly thicker, under ones blouse, your nipples won’t show bra or not.
Then, your modesty will be protected.


jazznne’s First Post : "Is it immodest to not wear a bra?"

Why do you ask? Are you a woman?

If a woman chooses to let her nipples show, then she is doing it willfully.
It is up to her (and the people who witness this event) who will decide if it is immodest.

Not too many years ago, there were NO bras. So, every single woman walked around without a bra.
So, was every single woman in the World being immodest, since the dawn of civilization?
Personally, I do NOT think so.


As a catholic woman I believe it’s important for us not to be tempting the eye and mind of men …how could it be o.k.?:confused:


Greenfields said :** “As a catholic woman I believe it’s important for us not to be tempting the eye and mind of men.”**

This sounds good enough, but it leaves interpretations wide open.

There are many men out there who are tempted by tight-fitting clothes.
So, should women avoid them?
Other men are excited by seeing bare calves.
Should women keep their entire legs covered, to prevent that excitement?

In Saudi Arabia, a woman is SO tempting, that they make her walk around covered from head-to-toe in a loose-fitting bag.
Even then, there are probably some men who find that tempting.
Different strokes for different folks.


And for that matter, not all bras prevent nipples from being obvious. In fact, almost all of my bras don’t conceal the fact that I possess nipples (particularly in the frigid environment of the office where I work).

The presence or absence of a bra (and/or concealment of nipples by shape) isn’t what makes for modesty or the lack thereof. It’s more of a “whole package”.

Of course, prior to my breast reduction, it might’ve been slightly more modest to go without a bra, because I could just let them sag until they could be tucked into the waistband of my skirt/pants (seriously–I went from H to B). Since the reduction, I usually do wear a bra, but sometimes it’s just a camisole/t-shirt type of thing, but unless I wear an extremely padded bra (which I choose not to), the shape of nipples will sometimes be apparent.


Easy. If being braless is not tempting then it would be okay.

Walk around in front of a mirror and take a look. Where I work, what the women wear is does nothing to enhance femininity. Bra or braless would make not difference.


If you are going without one because it is comfortable, then do it. If you are going without one with the intent of attracting attention, then don’t do it.

If a man gets aroused, that is his sin; not yours.


We are all called to chastity of which modesty is a part. Now comfort is a factor and a proper consideration. However, we are not free to dress anyway we want just because it is comfortable. We do have some responsibility to each other and this involves not putting a near occasion of sin in front of others.

Purity requires modesty, an integral part of temperance. Modesty protects the intimate center of the person. It means refusing to unveil what should remain hidden. It is ordered to chastity to whose sensitivity it bears witness. It guides how one looks at others and behaves toward them in conformity with the dignity of persons and their solidarity.


First, thanks for all the replies.

Yes, I am a woman. I don’t think bras are necessary for support reasons. Maybe they would be more comfortable for women with larger breasts, but that is not the case for me.

I already don’t wear a bra even when going outside, but that’s because it’s cold and I go around wearing a jacket so nothing will show. But I guess my real question was, is letting nipples show through immodest–and not show through as in through sheer material, but, like one reply said, the shape showing through?


jazznne says :** “my real question was, is letting nipples show through … the shape showing through … [is that] immodest?”
I have seen, many a time, somehow VERY form-making tops on many woman.
I am a little over-modest about that. It pains to see it (I just wince inside).
But, I also don’t like to see kissing scenes in movies.
I feel embarrassed to watch them (somehow invading their “space”).

Usually when I walk, I purposely do not look at people. I give each person his space.
So, unless I am standing (in a line, or otherwise), I don’t see too many faces (much less, a lot of bosums).

So, to answer the question : Are well-shaped nipples popping out through fabrics immodest?
I think that if this happens (and not at a beach, or other place where people wear very little), it is suggestive, and (because she knows she is “Showing”) she is trying to tantalize some of the men and boys who see her.

So, if her purpose for dressing like that is to tantalize some men, I call that immodest.

But my being over-embarrassed by this is just one of my foibles. Everyone has things they over-react to. And everyone’s are different.
It makes Life more FUN that way.


I hate wearing bras. Since I am not especially large even though I am older, I wear the Ahh bra. Very comfortable and you don’t look as if you are braless.

There are a number of different brands and some actually have little liners to cover up the nipples better for those who need that.

Check with CVS drug stores, they carry them in their “As seen on TV” section.


I think that’s right - whatever the form of underwear in the past, a bra is the normal coverage / support for breasts in current fashion and not wearing one, for whatever reason, is likely to be interpreted by male onlookers as an act of deliberate exposure. So no it’s not modest.


I’m 5’0 with DDs. I HAVE to wear a bra. If I ran without a bra, I would give myself 2 black eyes. lol

If you have small breasts, I don’t think it would be immodest. My mom has A cups and you can’t tell if she is or isn’t wearing a bra. I have no clue where I get my boobs from, but good grief, I am sometimes jealous of her! lol.


:thumbsup: exactly…if your bra is uncomfortable go for a bra fitting to find out your real size and the type of bras you should be wearing to feel more comfy


SAME with the kissing scenes. Someway or another it doesn’t feel right, y’know?


That, my friend, is just about the most devastatingly attractive look imaginable. I think I’m going to go try and convince my wife to pretty much always go braless around the house with a camisole on. Though I’m afraid it might dramatically increase the number of critters around the house – and we’ve already got five kids!

So yeah, you might not want to go braless with tight shirts in public, especially if you’re as hot as my wife. But if you do, bring Kleenex to give to the men who are drooling. :blush:

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