On Salvation – yet another discussion on John 3:16

As far as believing in Jesus it is assumed that if you believe in Him you will also accept Him as Lord, which means doing as He says. Obeying Him. He cannot be your Savior unless He is also your Lord. His being Lord comes first. “Lord and Savior.”

As far as believing in the Church, it is by means of the Church that we know about Jesus at all. It is through the Church that we believe in Jesus. Hence, belief and trust in the Church is actually prior to belief in Jesus.

Its hard to love the Groom with your heart when you don’t like His Bride, eh? :wink:

Good point.

And how can you love Christ when you don’t love the Body of Christ?

Oh, how wrong you are! “It’s just me and Christ, man… just me and Christ”. :wink:

Originally Posted by mackbrislawn
Good point.

And how can you love Christ when you don’t love the Body of Christ?

And with that “and love thy neighbor as thyself” goes out the window.
See Mt 22:39.

:D:D And i thought i was the only one who felt like you??

Don’t worry, brother, years of therapy will fix that! :wink:

:)OK For od s loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believe in Him sall not perrish but have eternal life. How plain can it be if you do not believe in the Son then you will not have eternal life. There are some who do not believe, now what if you believe but dont go to church or are not walking in the light?May be you have a mind desiese or are born with problems what happens to these people?

One has to know that he is sinning in order for it to be a sin.

Remember, to those that much is given, much will be expected. Hence, to those that little is given, little is expected.

:DWOW if you put the topic to this thread, should baby’s be baptized you would have answered that question right here. You are very right I agree.

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