On the divinity of the god of abraham,issac and jacob

I do not know how to believe in the god of abraham,issac and jacob.I believe there is god but i don’t know how man can be completely sure that the god of abraham is god.I have picked up the holy bible and i have grown a certain love for christianity but i do not how i can become a warrior of christ if i cannot even be sure that the god of abraham is the one true eternal and good god.Hopefully,i have not angered any of you and hopefully god will help me on this question.

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Welcome! I am glad to hear that you are a seeking heart. The first hurdle to leap is that of transcendence. We must be willing to consider something which transcends human senses and experience. Something beyond. Something greater. Pondering creation, its beauty, symmetry, complementary nature etc. can help.

We come to have a reasonable belief in God via two routes: faith and reason. Faith cannot take you all the way to understanding or a complete relationship with God For that matter, neither can reason, as God is mysterious and has not revealed all about himself.

I might suggest reading a book by Prof. Peter Kreeft, such as the Handbook of Christian Apologetics.

As well, once you decide to delve further into belief, spending time in the presence of Jesus Christ can be enormously fruitful. That is called “Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament”, “Adoration”, or “Holy Hour.”

But first, as I see it, is an understanding and embracing the concept of transcendence.

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