On the existence of the Devil

The Devil is so sneaky that it can work it’s way through humanity without being notice or acknowledge. In what way does evil make itself known in our World? How can be expose it without creating a scandal or offending individuals?

Trust me, the Devil does not need any help making evil known in today’s world. Humanity itself is already taking care of that. With all the war, hate, terrorism and abuse in today’s world, we must all start taking care of each other, being kind, compassionate to all human beings, and spreading love to all.

All you need is love.

true, I see it in a much smaller context such as how we ignore perhaps deviant behaviors and suggest it’s a character flaw or perhaps a personality flaw. e.g. lying, flirting when married or in a relationship, mean and nasty behaviors towards others. The list can go on.

Read C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters and find out how the Devil can work its way through humanity without being noticed.

Also The Snakebite Letters by Peter Kreeft.

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