On the last day of Christmas my true love gave to me


Just thought I'd share some of the wonderful gifts I got for Christmas, and see if anyone else wanted to share also. More particularly because my wonderful fiance got me an awesome one! The best was a nice big Haydock Douay-Rheims bible, complete with Console of Trent, extensive notes by Rev George Leo Haydock, consice but present Catholic Bible Dictionary, and a history of the books in the bible. Probably there is more coolness packed in, but I haven't fully explored the book yet, it maIde me happy =)

My parents also supprised me with a digital camera which was pretty nice!

Of course the biggest gift and blessing this year quite simply, was that my entire family is well and safe, and that I spent my holidays with them and my beautiful awesome fiance!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!


My husband got me a new gold eternity ring i got him a new gold bracelet. My son got a BMX bike and new television for his room and new shoes clothes etc... for school. I said a prayer wishing jesus happy birthday. We had a Roast turkey dinner with all the trimmings and then had chocolate pudd but i had triffle. And some martini wine with dinner. We had a very good day. God bless everyone and may god keep you all safe into the new year. Have a good one everyone.:)


I got two sweaters that look very good, a neat scarf that looks great with a dressy overcoat, a couple of CDs with my favourite music, some chocolate and marzipan made just the way I like, nice toilet water, a book with patriotic songs and a... monastery cookbook. :D You've no idea what fun they have beyond the gates. :D All given with love, so there's no such thing as a favourite gift among those. :)


I got a bag of puzzle books and other puzzles from B&N, selected and purchased by me, gift from DH. He got a golf club (big surprise) selected and purchased by him, gift from me. That has been our pattern for years and it works perfectly.

from grandkids, the little ones, DD took sample of their artwork, had one made into the cover of a journal and some bookmarks for me, and into coasters and a mousepad for grandpa, very cute, much more appreciated than a "mall gift". Other family sent us a puzzle concocted by the whole family--too long to explain but think of a Games magazine cover. Very creative and since it includes a unique family photo very much appreciated. Also got everyone's school photos too, I guess you can take your little ones on picture day because we got everybody.

also got some DVD's from the kids we have been wanting, they sent us a list we chose what we wanted.


Of course, we are no where near the last day of Christmas. Christmas has just begun!


When and how long is Christmas?

Christmas Day, liturgically called "The Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord" in the Catholic Church, technically includes both Christmas Eve (Dec. 24, after sunset) and Christmas Day (Dec. 25) itself. For religiously observant Christians, however, Christmas is not just one day, but an entire season, lasting anywhere from 12 days to 40 days in different ecclesial traditions.

In the modern secular world, Dec. 26 already begins the "after-Christmas" sales, and Christmas decorations are often removed before New Year's Day! The "Christmas Season" (for shopping, decorating, parties, music, etc.) used to begin just after Thanksgiving Day (in the United States), but now seems to begin just after Halloween (Oct. 31), if not before! When people hear about the "Twelve Days of Christmas" (or sing the song by that title), they might think it refers to the last 12 shopping days before Christmas.

In most Christian traditions, however, the "Christmas Season" properly begins with Christmas Eve (after sunset on Dec. 24), while the "Twelve Days of Christmas" refers to the period from Dec. 25 to Jan. 5.

In different Churches, the Christmas Season might end on Jan. 6 (the traditional date of the Feast of the Epiphany), or might last until the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord (usually the Sunday after Epiphany), or might even last all the way to Feb. 2 (the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, 40 days after Dec. 25).


Ok, so no I wasn’t getting overly technical here lol :slight_smile: Yes Christmas actually runs to Jan 6th, which originally was the day on which we celebrated the Lords Birth until the Pope moved it (actually prior to schism with the east, so oh well regarding them still celebrating that day).

At any rate my gifts out to my loved ones weren’t as cool this year. Too many economic obligations this year :frowning: But I did get my lovely fiance Star Trek Season 2 (yes, my future wife loves Star Trek) and Pixar’s UP, as well as a pretty snow globe that she loved.
My dad got a TomTom (the Walmart $65 special. I’m not sure how many of you took advantage of that deal but it is an amazing GPS. True in most respects it’s a base model, but the text to speech really kicks it up a notch, and it works very well! He travels a lot so it’ll be good for him. I also got him the History of the Church by Eusebius of Ceaserea, but I left that in NC so I’ll have to mail it.

Mom got books on St. Rose of Lima and St. Martin De Porez, as well as a St. Rose medal, a St. Clair coin (b/c we live right by Lake St. Clair!) and a whole lot of Chocolate.

My Bro in Law got an alarm clock/iPod dock with charger (apparently well timed, his old iPod boom box died, and stuff for his grill.

My brother gave me probably the second most special gift to me. Some designer jeans that he loved. Honestly I’m not much for designer jeans my self (with organic cotton), it’s just that these were Jeans that he loved and my brother is never one to part with clothing. So it meant a lot to me that he thought to give me some thing that I know he cherishes that much!


My SIL got my name in the family gift exchange and she surprised me--TOTALLY surprised me!--with two gallons of paint and a light fixture to re-do my dining room (something I've been wanting to do all year!) Can't wait to get started (who else gets excited about getting WORK for Christmas???)


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